9 Amazing Facts You May Not Know About Your Skin

Skin cells forming your skin today, will be gone and replaced by new ones in 28-35 days.

🍁 Exfoliating is a must for rejuvenating your skin. Dead cells we shed block pores and feed a bacterium which is leading to inflammations and unhealthy skin.

🍁 Your gut health has large impact on your skin health. We are indeed what we eat.

🍁 Only small percentage of skin aging process is due to genetics Excessive sun exposure, environmental pollution, personal diet and stress are the key elements affecting the aging process.

🍁 Ninety percent of wrinkles come from overexposure to sun. SPF sunscreens are must and they do save life by lowering chances of skin cancer.

🍁 Antioxidants are the key when it comes to skin care. Light water based serums are the best vehicle to deliver antioxidants right where you need them bypassing digestive track.

🍁 Overwashing and long hot water showers are damaging your skin by dissolving oily protective layer crucial for moisture balance in your skin.

🍁 Face, neck and décolleté areas will benefit from gentle daily message by increasing blood flow to those areas speeding up rejuvenation process.

🍁 Stress is very damaging to our skin as well. Under stress our bodies release cortisol hormone that can lead to inflammation, eczema or other unwanted side effects.

🍁 Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is consider the founder of modern skin care as she had her own manufacturing plant for different cosmetic potions and she was famous for goat milk baths, but history is telling us that 4,000 years before Cleopatra Egyptians and Chinses ladies were already in to facial cleanser using honey, vinegar, slat scrubs to exfoliate and olive oil and various essential oils to nourish their skins.