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Mary Zilba - NAYELLE user and Brand Ambassador

As a woman who cares about aging gracefully and taking care of my skin, I naturally have tried many different products in the hopes of finding that elusive magic potion. From retinol products to vitamin C and all things in between, I have sloughed and slathered on my fair share of products. I know the “it” buzz words of the moment and am well read on new claims of breakthrough products, but it wasn’t until I came across Nayelle that I heard about the use of “probiotics” in skin care. I had to try!!

I used the product for over 4 weeks and could not believe the unbelievable changes in my skin texture and quality. It was truly astounding. I noticed nearly immediately that my skin was softer and smoother, but also that it began to erase my super fine lines in only a few weeks! It consistently gives me a dewy, healthy glow which I love! Nayelle is now my one and only skincare!

Mary Zilba

Blog Reviews

Cynthia - The Siren Confidential

The Siren Confidential

I rarely do skincare posts, so when I do you know LOVE the products! I’ve recently switched up my skincare line to NAYELLE which is a probiotic skincare line made in Canada. My skin has never felt and looked more hydrated, and I adore this line… If you are looking to change up your skincare, you will adore this line.

Jessica Fay blog review

Jessica Fay
Lipstick Heels and a Baby

“If you read what is actually in some of the products it’s crazy and things I haven’t actually even heard of before but the benefits of these ingredients are amazing! A few that stood out to me were the Snow Mushrooms – think lots of Vitamin D, Glacial Clay – detoxifies, tones and tightens, purifies and reduces oiliness, Sea Kelp – anti- aging, nutrients and moisturizes, Jojaba Oil – Vitamin E, and last but not least, Goat Milk Kefir – anti- aging again, strengthens skin and protect against sun damage!”

Lavenda Memory - Lavendas Closet Product Review

Lavenda Memory
Lavenda’s Closet

“Overall, I am incredibly impressed with not only the quality ingredients and scientific formulas, but also the effects on my fairly sensitive skin. I will be using these to the very last drop, especially the PURIFY clay mask! If you have yet to try a pro-biotic skin care line, I highly recommend Nayelle.”

Rebecca - Be Fit Naturally


I used to buy the cheap drugstore brands for my skin care and basically put junk food on my face. Now, I choose what goes on my face (and body) very carefully. I have been using Nayelle for over 5 months now and can say that it has been my favourite skin care line hands down. People started commenting just a few days after I started using it and the compliments have been rolling in ever since.

Kassie - Beautiful Basics Product Review

Beautiful Basics

“I think many people with different skin types can easily fall in love with this line and their products… My favorite product is the PURIFY Clay Face Mask. This mask has become my ultimate go to when my skin needs a little something special. I’ve been using it once, sometimes even twice, a week since it arrived and I think it does something really wonderful and magical to my skin. It somehow purifies and hydrates, which is an uncommon combination.”

Jenni Raincloud product review


Almost a month ago I began using Nayelle Probiotic Skin Care products. I have experienced notable results and my skin feels well-nourished and happy!

Beaux Beauty Blog NAYELLE review


I can say my skin was left hydrated, soft, and glowing. If you’re looking for a high-quality anti-aging skincare regimen, Nayelle may be just what you need. Be sure to check out Nayelle Probiotic Skincare as you can get a special discount if you purchase all four products!

Sissi Nuthman Product Review

Sissi Nuthman

I have tried the complete Nayelle Probiotic Skin Care line and was positively surprised how gentle and literally refreshed my skin feels after using this regime for 3 weeks.

Caitie - Naturalla Beauty Product Review

Naturalla Beauty

The two probiotic moisturizers, both made with all four of Nayelle’s core ingredients, were the main standouts for me, but I do like the line as a whole too.

Lisa's product review - BeautyInfoBlog


It’s a beautiful, light cream that soaks in quickly and has no detectable scent. It leaves my skin super soft and healthy looking without any heaviness at all.

Professional Reviews

Michelle Knight - Aesthetician Product Review

Michelle Knight

Nayelle is a great natural product line suitable for all skin types.

The Hydrate and Rejuvenate creams have a tightening feeling and both have a light smell which dissipates after application. These creams absorb quickly and leave the skin feeling clean and smooth. The Hydrate Day Cream has a similar feeling to that of a primer, this is a great makeup base. The Cleanse product has a nice amount of bamboo and provides a gentle exfoliation, suitable for daily use and on sensitive skin. This exfoliating cleanser creates a milky texture when water is added and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh, excellent for combination and oily skin types. The Purify clay masque has numerous benefits and what I noticed most was how even and toned my skin looked following the masque. This product can also be used to spot treat any problem areas.

I love the clean and simple packaging on this product and I would recommend this skin care regime to my clients.

Tamara Loiselle - Time Magazine Hero Mom of the Year

Tamara Loiselle BSc, MA
TIME Hero Mom of the Year

Nayelle is the best skin care line I have ever used!  I’m a person with extremely sensitive skin, I rarely even try new products because it took me so long to find any skin care products that I didn’t react to.  So when I was asked to try Nayelle I was cautious.  I put the day cream on a tiny spot on my neck just in case I swelled up and turned red – better on my neck than my face!

Not only was there no reaction, my skin felt more than moisturized, it felt nourished and soothed.  After using the mask for the first time, people commented on how radiant my skin looked.  These all-natural products feel and smell great.  Nayelle products have become the foundation of my daily skin care regime, now I don’t go anywhere without them!

Coleen Davis - Homeopath Review

Coleen Davis-Stanton CCH
Pivotal Homeopathy

Using facial skin products have been important to me during my first career as a professional ballet dancer and now, as a homeopath. My skin has experienced stress, sweat, stage make-up and the hazards of everyday life. Immediately from the moment I squeezed lotion onto my hand, my senses were pleased and my face soft and moisturized. I am enjoying the the glow of Nayelle’s various products. Thank you!

Dr. Cathy Sevcik - Naturopath

Dr. Cathy Sevick
Angle Hands

As a Naturopathic Doctor, i believe that true health begins in the digestive system and that most ailments are caused by systemic inflammation. 70% of your immunity is in your gut. Just as your gut benefits from probiotics, so does your skin. I like that NAYELLE uses probiotics in their products.

Since using the NAYELLE system, my skin is soft and smooth with fewer lines. The subtle citrus scent is refreshing. I love that the products are non-toxic and that the company is local to Vancouver.

Customer Reviews

Hatsumi Review


I first tried NAYELLE’s Complete Regime because I was wanting to try a probiotic moisturizer for my typical “combination” skin. I found Nayelle through research online.

I have used many different drug store exfoliating cleansers and they tend to be to very harsh and abrasive for my skin. Nayelle’s CLEANSE is very good. It provides a gentle scrub and leaves my face super clean. I use Nayelle’s facial cleanser about twice a week when I need a little extra “cleanse” then my regular routine provides.

My favourite moisturizing product is the Night Cream… and I use it in the day 🙂 Perfect for my skin. The cream has a rich texture and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized after application. There is no oily residue. The packaging is really great too. Very hygienic dispensing, easy to apply and you don’t need much, just one push for me!

The Clay Face Mask is very strong. I love its all natural ingredients. My skin feels super soft after applying but also dry. You have to apply moisturize after using the Face Mask (I get this effect from all clay face masks)…

I highly recommend the Night Cream and Facial Cleanser. The price is very reasonable given the quality of the ingredients and that it is Made in Canada. Just what I was looking for.

Thanks Nayelle!

Bonnie Wise

I’m in Vegas and if you know Vegas then you know that the kiosks in the mall have employees accosting people to try this product and that product.

Well today I walked past a skin care kiosk – the gal called me over and I figured “she’s going to try and sell me a whole ton of product.”

What actually happened was that she called me over to tell me she didn’t want to sell me anything because whatever I was using was obviously working wonders. And that my skin looked positively radiant!!!

How about that for a ringing endorsement?!

And then at the MAC counter, the make-up artist told me I had exquisite skin and asked what product I used! I gladly told her all about NAYELLE. Maybe you’ll get an order from Vegas!

Doesn’t get any better that a skin care competitor telling you not to use their product but to stick with what you are using!

Willa Gibson

I’d been looking for an all natural skincare collection for a couple of years and couldn’t find one that suited me.
I’ve been using the complete regimen of Nayelle Skincare for about 2 months now and I love everything about it!

I like that the Glacial Cleanser creates a gentle exfoliation on the skin that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin but keeps it looking bright.
The Day Cream is moisturizing and yet feels light on the skin while the Night Cream has properties that are soothing and leaves my skin feeling nourished and refreshed.
The scent is delicate

I think this is a beautiful example of science and nature working cohesively with the result being Nayelle . . . and it is something quite wonderful.