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Interesting facts you may not know about your skin

Interesting facts you may not know about your skin. Skin cells forming your skin today, will be gone and replaced by new ones in 28-35 days. 🍁 Exfoliating is a must for rejuvenating your skin. Dead cells we shed block pores and feed a bacterium which is leading to inflammations and unhealthy skin. 🍁 [...]


Plant Extracts – The Backbone of Superfood Skincare

Plant Extracts - The Backbone of Superfood Skincare Ten years ago it was trendy to talk about natural and organic skincare, but these days it is demanded by consumers to use plant-based ingredients in all formulations. The harvesting power of Mother Nature apothecary is here to stay. 🍀Plant-based ingredients are various extracts from flowers, [...]


Vitamin C – A Guide for Skin Care

Vitamin C - A Guide for Skin Care Vitamin C in skin care products is very popular, as the benefits are indisputable and are backed by science. Vitamins are complex molecular structures that work in harmony to deliver desired effect. With Vitamin C, it combats many things we often aren’t aware of that are [...]


Hyaluronic Acid — The Multi-tasking Hero

Hyaluronic Acid -- The Multi-tasking Hero. Hyaluronic acid is undoubtedly the multitasking hero of any quality skin care line. Newborn babies' complexions contain a very high level of hyaluronic acid, but with age those levels drop, as does the same regression continue on for levels of retinol, collagen, and elastin. Hence, the battle of [...]


NIACINAMIDE- Funny name, great skin care benefits.

NIACINAMIDE- funny name, great skin care benefits. Anyone, who is even slightly interested in skin care, should consider using products containing niacinamide. Topical form of vitamin B3, niacinamide, boasts a wide array of skincare benefits. Applied topically, niacinamide can improve skin texture and strengthen the protective barrier function of the skin, which then helps [...]


Do Face Oils Really Hydrate The Skin?

Do Face Oils Really Hydrate The Skin? Before there was skin care as we know it, people were using only oils for skin care. Oil's main function is to protect skin's outer layer and keep it moisturized. Individual oils provide a variety of other benefits ranging from delivering antioxidants, nourishing skin growth, UV damage [...]


Reduce Skin Sensitivity: Environmental Causes and Toxic Load

Reduce Skin Sensitivity: Environmental Causes and Toxic Load Did you know that topically applied chemicals from skin care products can be traced in our blood stream within minutes? As the old cliché goes, we are what we eat, but it is also safe to say that we are what we breathe and what we [...]


7 Springtime Skincare Routine Tips

7 Quick Springtime Skincare Routine Tips Spring time brings new life and new opportunities, and it is also time to transition to spring skincare... Opt for Lighter and Milder Cleansers. Try a Gentler Exfoliator. Go for Water-Based Serums. Use a Lightweight Moisturizer. Use a Sunscreen Daily. Throw Out Old Makeup and Skincare Products. Sanitize [...]


Tips To Relieve Rosacea

Tips To Relieve Rosacea Rosacea is caused from increased levels of inflammatory proteins (cathelicidines) that contribute to the redness, dilated vessels and the red inflammatory bumps that you may notice on your skin. Dermatologist all agree that genetic, environmental and life style factors absolutely play a role in rosacea. You likely notice when you [...]

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