Four Pillars of Happiness for the New Year 2024

4 Pillars for 2024 ‘New Happier Healthier You’ Resolutions

Happy New Year!

As we turn the page on 2023, team Nayelle would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your family the happiest, most prosperous and healthy 2024!

As part of the “New Year New You” theme, we would like to share information on ‘4 Pillars’ we think are important to increasing one’s overall health & happiness.

Pillars for 2024 ‘New Happier Healthier You’ Resolutions

Attitude – Embrace a Pro-Ageing Attitude
Health – Consider Arcwell “Age Defining Duo” supplements & Hot/Cold Therapy
Fitness – Try Rebecca Johnsons’ Fitness Program
Sleep – Beauty Sleep tips by Dr Annie Fenn M


It’s so encouraging to see pro-ageing attitudes gaining popularity. For too long women have suffered from low self-worth as they age and even dread their next birthday as a result.

Ladies, it’s time to change that, and it starts with you!! Your attitude towards yourself is in your control. It’s a simple as switching a light switch. When you look in the mirror, stop beating yourself up with every new line that appears on our face. Instead, embrace the attitude that my skin looks healthy and glowing, and every line tells a story.

A special attitude shift in my life was after having children and discussing stretch marks, a special friend said embrace those stretch marks like a badge of honour! You just co-created a human being.

Also, having a daughter, it’s particularly important for me to be a good example. I have caught myself in the middle of a negative anti-aging comment and thought, no I don’t want her to feel that way, so why would I do that to myself!!!

The power to change society TRULY starts with us since it’s a fact.. we make up half of the population!
I feel particularly proud of presenting a clean beauty skincare that keeps women’s skin healthy and radiant as possible.

As you know, my absolute favourite, can’t live without Nayelle product is GLOW!!! It’s packed with luxury oils that leave my skin feeling so silky & baby soft! My fine lines are definitely less visible.

As well, I really enjoy exfoliating once a week with EXFOLIATE to prep my skin to absorb the good ingredients in Nayelle.