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Dr. Vindhya Veerula Interview – Kickass Women Campaign

Interview With Dr. Vindhya Veerula - Kickass Women Campaign Empowering Healing to Radiate & Glow from Within Dr. Vindhya Veerula is dearly known as Dr. V on IG and is one of the most passionate and educated young dermatologists in the field. She literally vibrates positivity and spreads it freely and naturally. Her mission [...]


Dr. Taz Interview – Kickass Women Campaign

Interview with Dr. Taz MD - Nayelle's Kickass Women Campaign We’ve met so many amazing women during our journey with Nayelle and decided to celebrate them in our new "Kickass Women Campaign" Today we are honoured to feature Dr Tasneem Bhatia MD a trailblazer, game changer, health and wellness expert and author of [...]