Snow Mushroom

Snow MushroomSnow Mushroom (Tremella fuciformis) extract had been used for centuries in skin care procedures for its high concentration of vitamin D and water holding capacity. In fact, it has 5X more hydrating capacity than hyaluronic acid and is nature’s most potent source of vitamin D.

The Polysaccharides found in Snow Mushroom are also prized for boosting immunity in cells systems.

NAYELLE’s Probiotic Skincare formulations use a probiotic extract of Snow Mushroom that even further enhances its nutrient values and absorption into the skin. We know of no other ingredient that is so beneficial for your skin’s health.

Snow Mushroom Benefits in Skincare

  • Nature’s Best Moisturizing Ingredient
  • Boosts immunity in cell systems
  • The highest source of Vitamin D

5x More Hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid = Maximum Skin Hydration!