Hot/Cold Therapy Benefits & Fitness

Part 2 of our series “4 Pillars for 2024 ‘New Happier Healthier You’ Resolutions”

ATTITUDE is one pillar to looking and feeling good.

The next pillar is HEALTH and in this post, I will be highlighting the benefits of Hot/Cold Therapy and my favourite online fitness program.

Today I’d like to discuss the benefits of hot/cold therapy. I have personally dabbled in it on-and-off for years, but after listening to Lewis Howes podcast “The School of Greatness” featuring Dr. Susanna Soberg, I am motivated to add this to my weekly routine. My hope in sharing this information is that you will too!

🥵🥶 Hot/Cold Therapy Research Study Benefits

Dr. Soberg shares “Cold exposure is like a reset button for your body, helping you tap into your inner strength”

From Dr Susanna Soberg 7 year PhD study the benefits of consistent cold therapy are:

1. Can improve your metabolism, cardiovascular and brain health
2. Can Improve Your Mood and Mental Well Being
3. Can help loose weight, increase skin’s elasticity.

How cold therapy works: From the shock of the cold water, the body goes into fight or flight, and starts burning brown fat, increasing your metabolism, and ability to keep your metabolism, running more efficiently. The studies show that even at sleep, cold water subjects had a higher natural body temperature meaning that their metabolism is burning more efficiently.

Cold therapy also improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity and triggers release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine to enhance energy, mood and focus. It also increases adaption to stress to build resilience and reduce anxiety.

Benefits also include weight loss and reduction in white fat, which is the unhealthy fat. White fat is particularly dangerous to our health when it surrounds our organs.

Dr Soberg also shares that cold therapy increases circulation and skin elasticity. Tighter skin sounds motivating to me!

🥵🥶 Hot/Cold Therapy Recommendations

Key results is you only need one to two minutes in cold water for 11 minutes total a week for maximum benefits.

Ideally Dr Soberg recommends doing the sauna then the cold dip because your metabolism stays activated longer after the cold therapy. This is because your body starts to warm up on its own which keeps burning the bad white fat.

Sauna 🥵10-30 minutes max sauna
Cold Water 🥶2 minutes max or 30 second showers

Note: Recommendation is to dip in up to your neck in the cold water and don’t emerge your head.

🧘‍♀️ Fitness

We all know fitness is an important element of our overall health. To make it an easy addition, I recommend Rebecca Johnson’s online Fitness Pilates program.

She offers a variety of daily workouts, along with nutritional recipes and motivational mindset tips. Rebecca’s focus is to provide a new daily intention to help you get clear on your goals and start living in the alignment with the best version of yourself to make your dreams & resolutions a reality.
Check her out @iamrebeccajohnson.

In next week’s newsletter, I will discuss the benefits of Arcwell’s “Age Defining Duo” to increase one’s overall vitality. There will be a surprise discount too!

xx Tanya Moss
President and Cofounder of Nayelle Skincare