• Formulated for Sensitive and Dry Skin

  • Natural & Clean – 70% Organic Ingredients

  • Made in Canada

  • No Parabens, Toxins, or Gluten

  • No Animal Testing

  • Probiotics For Easy and Fast Absorption

  • High Levels of Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals…

  • 30 Days – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Clean Ingredients Are Only The Beginning…

It is not enough to use natural and clean ingredients when your skin can only absorb them in small amounts. We know there is a better way.

At Nayelle, we use a 100% natural probiotic process to enhance the best ingredients, making them much easier and faster to absorb by your skin.

We are a family owned company with our roots firmly planted in Vancouver, BC. Our journey took us on a path in search of the best skincare ingredients so we could develop products to help us all fight our own skin health issues.

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What Is The Probiotic Process?

The probiotic process is bio fermentation, a 100% natural process that has been used by civilizations for thousands of years for its proven health benefits.

During bio fermentation, individual ingredients – sea kelp and others – undergo a natural transformation after which their micro-nutrients become more easily absorbed by our skin.

The probiotic process creates a rich fusion of micro-nutrients with high concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential 3-6-9 omega fatty acids and amino acids – all incredibly beneficial for skin of all types.

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Nayelle Visionaries

Our lovely president, Tanya Moss, has been with Nayelle since her father, one of the original founders, introduced her to the fabulous benefits of probiotic skincare. She is not only an amazing ambassador for Nayelle but also provides lots of new product ideas, feedback and marketing opportunities for Nayelle.

Peter Jurkemik, our CEO and chief product formulator, has a Master of Science Degree, a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, and a great sense of humour. He spends time researching and testing new products, and constantly refining our existing ones. Besides creating different formulations, he also makes sure all orders are filled on time and performs many other daily tasks that are essential to running a small family owned business.


No Animal Testing  •  No Parabens  •  No Fillers  •  No Propylene Glycol  •  No Gluten  •  No Fragrance





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