Beauty Starts With Health – Personal Message from Tanya

Nayelle’s philosophy is “beauty starts with health” as I truly believe health is our greatest wealth. Today let’s dive deeper into what that looks like.

It’s easiest to break it down into five categories which you can think of as the pillars of this philosophy:

  1. Loving ourselves unconditionally and embracing a pro-aging philosophy.
  2. Eating intuitively.
  3. Nurturing healthy relationships and prune toxic ones.
  4. Being sun smart.
  5. Using only clean beauty skincare and beauty products.


This pro-aging philosophy is relatively new to me. Not going to lie, it’s a work in progress.

I’m becoming a lot more comfortable “in the skin I’m in” at age 56. I try to love myself unconditionally and try to no longer fuss about signs of aging.

It has inspired me to look at myself through this new lens, the pro-age lens and I feel happier. My goal is that my company, Nayelle Skincare, also inspires others by this “newish” philosophy, so it will no longer be “new”.

My wish is for all women to embrace it as it makes me a bit sad when I see friends still berate themselves.

A tip I find useful is to think about my daughter and how I want her to love herself unconditionally and be happy at every age. I want to be a good role model for her.

I encourage you to try on this  pro-aging suit and see just how much better you will feel because that’s what really counts. When you feel good about yourself, everything else in life falls into place.


Part of embracing pro-aging involves a new attitude towards food.

Dr. Jenn Huber, RD ND offers great advice on how to make the switch. She hosts “The Midlife Feast” and shares daily insights on IG @menopause.nutritionist that help create the mind shifts needed for balance.

Key topics she covers are: making peace with food, beyond the scale, intuitive eating, and myth busting. Dr Huber shares that she used to track and count everything she ate because like so many of us:

“I didn’t trust my body to tell me:
When to eat
What to eat
How to know when I’d had enough”

“And most of all, I believed that unless every bite of food was accounted for, I’d “never” not be eating. Because anytime I took a break from counting, or allowed myself a “cheat day”, it became an all-out food fest that didn’t feel good either… Which meant I spent most of my life either on or off a diet. And I didn’t have health or happiness to show for it.”

“Now that I’m an intuitive eater, I use body kindness and body respect to build body trust. I eat with permission, not restriction. Food is just food. And we’re good friends, playing for the same team. And you deserve this too, especially if you’re midlife and have spent a lifetime of starting a new diet every Monday.”


It’s good to do a little spring cleaning on your relationships.

Spend more time with the friends and family that lift your spirits. It’s important to prune those that bring you down. As parents we tell our kids to do this, so it’s time to step up and walk the talk so to speak.


Being sun smart isn’t just to prevent wrinkles and premature aging. It’s also to protect your health!

Skin cancer is a real threat and one we should do our utmost best to protect ourselves against.

And yes, we all know that sun rays are the number one cause of wrinkles, sunspots, and overall premature ageing.

In the last blog, we shared the importance of selecting a physical sunscreen as it offers, much better protection than chemical sunscreens.

Team Nayelle is very pleased to be offering both Jan Marini cream sunscreens and the Jane Iridale powder sunscreen.

I enjoy using both throughout the day to ensure I am protected. Preventing my health is number one, and as a nice side effect of using quality sunscreens is also prevention of wrinkles and sunspots. Once we have them it is to get rid of them.

And yes, of course embrace our wrinkles but there’s nothing wrong with looking as good as we can. Glowing healthy skin makes us all feel good and boost all our confidence.


Our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it affects our overall health. This is why it’s important to use natural and organic ingredients and everything we put on our body.

We are appreciative that you trust Nayelle to provide you with safe and effective skin care.

Did you know that there is a new app called YUKA🥕 that rates full spectrum of health & beauty products. You simply scan a UPC on a product and it will give you a rating. It’s an easy tool to use when selecting new products, and also to clean out your bathroom of the nasty ones.

Nayelle Skincare will soon be listed on YUKA.

So I hope you agree these five pillars of health are worth investing our time and energy into.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Xx Tanya