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Top Eye Skin Tips

Top Skin Tips to Protect Delicate Eye Area The skin around your eyes may not look any different than the rest of your face, but it is more delicate. In fact, it is only 0.35 mm thick which is on average 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. Because the [...]


Interesting Facts About Your Skin

Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Your Skin? The skin is our largest organ. So it is vital that we take care of it. By the time you finish reading this article your body will shed around 40,000 dead skin cells! There are so many interesting facts about skin and we are going to [...]


Top 5 Skin Care Tips for Men

Top 5 Tips for Men’s Skincare Routine With Father's Day just around the corner it's never been a better time to talk about the most important skin care tips for men. Cleansing, shaving, moisturizing and protecting your face are the most elements to maintaining a youthful glow. Nayelle's Top 5 Men's Skin Care Tips Wash [...]


Best Foods for pH Balanced Skin

The Best Foods for pH Balanced Skin Your choice of skin care products, cleansing routines, exfoliation and moisturizing treatments are only one part of achieving healthy pH balanced skin. A proper diet can also greatly affect your skin’s health and help create the perfect pH balance that healthy skin requires. Today we are going to [...]


Test Your Skin pH Level

Easy Ways to Test Your Skin pH Level Your skin’s pH level plays an important role in overall skin health. Our skin functions and looks its best in the middle of the pH range. 5.5 being ideal. But what exactly is "skin pH" and how do you determine what your skin's pH level is? [...]


Top 20 Skin Care Myths Debunked

Top 20 Skin Care Myths Debunked There is a never-ending stream of skin care advice floating on the internet. Sometimes it is very difficult to sort fact from fiction. Fake research reports, misinformed sources, social media and old wives tales can create many harmful skin care routines and skin care myths that we are [...]


Dr. Whitney Bowe – Probiotic Skincare Technology

Dr. Whitney Bowe and Probiotic Skincare Technology Hello Nayelle followers, Today we are featuring the skincare wisdom of Dr. Whiteney Bowe, to help all of you achieve your ultimate skin care goals! Dr. Bowe supports and promotes probiotic skincare and reveals the science behind it's benefit. We would love for her to try Nayelle [...]


The Skin Microbiome

The Skin's Microbiome Like your digestive system the skin has its own microbiome, a complex ecosystem of bacteria that serves as the foundation for healthy skin. It is critical in protecting your skin from acne, irritation and premature aging. Even if you have a solid skin care routine, you can still be prone to various [...]


Four Pillars of Effective Skincare

The Four Pillars of Effective Skincare Our skin provides many important functions for us. The most obvious one is that our skin acts as first barrier to fight against environmental factors, helps regulate internal temperature of our bodies and it is important indicator of our internal health condition. Ideal nutrition should provide adequate amount of [...]


What is Integrative Dermatology

Integrative Dermatology with Dr. V We were wondering ourselves about all the concepts that influence "integrative dermatology" and received some great advice from Dr.V (a boardcertified dermatologist) to help answer the question of "What is Integrative Dermatology? Integrative Dermatology - It’s SO MUCH more than SKIN DEEP! We are entering a new era of health [...]