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What People Are Saying About Us

“I am using a night cream in the day, it’s because I can’t put it down (and this works well under makeup and is so light that I like it in the day too)! For someone that doesn’t use a lot of moisturizers I love this one. So does my husband and mom and we have 3 different skin types.”
– Vanessa

“For the past 3 winters my skin had been severely dry. It was always white and flaky, no matter what I did. This winter, I decided to try Glow and had ZERO issues with any dry skin. Once I ran out of my oil, I noticed a significant difference.”
– Heather

“I got your probiotic moisturizing cream for Christmas from my sister and I am very happy with it. We live in Arizona so you know what that means. I haven’t heard about Nayelle or probiotic skin products before but I am now here placing my own order.”
– Andrea

“I highly recommend the Night Cream and Facial Cleanser. The price is very reasonable given the quality of the ingredients and that it is Made in Canada. Just what I was looking for.”
– Hatsumi