This kit features our two most popular probiotic skincare products and long time favourites for many loyal Nayelle customers.

Provide your skin with nature’s superfood ingredients that have been upgraded by the 100% natural probiotic process to enhance their nutrient value.

This Rejuvenating Probiotic Kit includes HYDRATE probiotic day cream, REJUVENATE probiotic night cream and PURIFY glacial clay face mask. We also recommend you try our CLEAN gentle pH balanced face cleanser for best results (morning and evening).


  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce inflammation, redness using powerful antioxidant activity
  • Boost collagen and elastin
  • Detoxify stressed, acne-prone skin
  • Reset and balance the pH of your skin
  • Intensely rehydrate skin for a softer, resilient texture


  • REJUVENATE Probiotic Night Cream – rejuvenate your skin overnight with probiotics & anti-aging ingredients.
  • HYDRATE Probiotic Moisturizing Day Cream – hydrates and feeds your skin with nourishing probiotic ingredients.
  • PURIFY Glacial Oceanic Clay Face Mask – mineral rich clay mask that purifies the skin, reduces inflammation and refines skin texture.