How to treat oily skin?

How to deal with oily skin? Do you know, the majority of individuals suffer from the discomfort of excessively oily skin throughout their life. One of the most frequent skin problems is oily skin. It comes with its own set of problems, including greasy skin and pimples breakouts. Everybody has oily skin at some [...]


Top Benefits of a Clay Face Mask

The Top Benefits of Using a Clay Face Mask Rebecca of is one of our favourite "kick ass" women as she shares a wealth of interesting fitness routines, healthy recipes and natural healthy living advice through her online community. She is a mother with two daughters and here we see them enjoying our Glacial Clay Face [...]


Glacial Clay – Over 60+ Minerals

The Benefits of Glacial Clay in Skincare Canadian glacial clay found in specific regions of Canada is gaining increasing recognition as an effective skincare product that has significant anti-aging properties and is full of over 60 natural minerals that make it an important skincare wellness ingredient. After the last ice age about 14,000 years [...]


5 Benefits of Facial Masks

5 Benefits of Quality Clay Facial Masks Facial masks with a couple of slices of cucumber on your eyes are a symbol of pampering in skin care, but masks do a lot more than just relax your skin tissues. As with any product in skin care, there are vast amounts of facial masks on [...]



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