Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Your Skin?

interesting facts about your skin

The skin is our largest organ. So it is vital that we take care of it. By the time you finish reading this article your body will shed around 40,000 dead skin cells! There are so many interesting facts about skin and we are going to cover some of them here:

  1. Did you know that average adult skin would cover an area of 20 square feet, about the size of large blanket.
  2. A human adults skin weights around 18 pounds.
  3. Our skin has approximately 70 kilometers of nerve tissue.
  4. Skin is comprised of over 60% water.
  5. Ninety percent of visible signs of aging are a direct result of skin exposure to the sun.
  6. Our bodies start to produce less and less collagen as we age. A forty year old adult is producing half as much collagen as at age of twenty. The same thing can be said for hyaluronic acid production as we age.
  7. Smoking reduces the delivery of oxygen to small capillaries that feed the top layer of skin thus reducing nourishment and waste removal from skin.
  8. Your lip’s skin is 200 times more sensitive than the tip of your fingers. I guess that is the reason kissing feels much better than typing on the keyboard :)
  9. Your skin fully regenerates every 28 to 40 days.
  10. Chemical peels and intensive exfoliation can lead to skin sensitivities.
  11. Massaging your skin or using brushing exfoliation is much better than chemical exfoliation or peels.
  12. Prolonged hot water showers or baths will not only strip the oily protection barrier from your skin but will increase oil production that can lead to excessive dehydration of your skin.
  13. There is no safe tanning. A base tan will not protect you from the sun’s nasty UV rays.
  14. A proper beauty sleep is what we all need to help fight signs of skin aging.
  15. Acne is the most common skin care condition.
  16. Tattoos make it more difficult to detect skin cancer.
  17. Noncomedogenic means “a substance that will not clog your pores”.

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Always remember that the Secret to beautiful skin is simple – good genes, great diet, beauty sleep, reduced exposure to sun, skin care products with all natural ingredients and lots of LOVE and remember the four pillars of skin care are: CleanseHydrateNourishProtect.