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Rebecca @BeNaturallyFit – Kickass Women Campaign

Today we are honoured to feature Rebecca Johnston. Her goal is to help people create healthy lifestyle changes through plant based nutrition, effective exercise and a positive mindset! Rebecca is a professional fitness coach, business owner (FIT CLUB), one of our favourite fitness and health gurus and a mother of 2 beautiful girls. [...]


Coleen Davis-Stanton – Kick Ass Women Campaign

Today we feature Coleen Davis-Stanton, a former prima ballerina and now homeopath in our Nayelle Kickass Women Campaign. "Using facial skin products have been important to me during my first career as a professional ballet dancer and now, as a homeopath. My skin has experienced stress, sweat, stage make-up and the hazards of everyday life. [...]


Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint For Earth Day 2019

Tips To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint For Earth Day 2019 🌎 This year Earth Day was on April 22, 2019 and we feel that it's something we should be celebrating everyday! Today we are going to look at one of our favourite vegan strength trainers, Mandy Gill and her advice on [...]


Benefits of Burning Sage

The Benefits of Burning Sage (Smudging) Research shows that their are many benefits of burning sage. The top benefits include, help boosting your memory and mental clarity, enhancing your concentration, purifying the air you breathe, and improving your quality of sleep. Burning sage has also been shown to stimulate creativity, promote a sense of [...]


Springtime Allergies – How to Prevent Itchy Skin

Springtime Allergies - How To Prevent Itchy Skin It’s the height of allergy season with both tree and grass pollens hitting the air waves simultaneously. While most individuals experience sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, and red noses, a common symptom of allergies is itchy skin. If you suffer from itchy skin or dry red patches, [...]


Happy Valentine’s Day – The 5 Languages of Love

5 Ways to Give Love for Happy Relationships Do you know which way your spouse prefers to receive love? In his book, The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman proposes that each of us has a primary love language which speaks more deeply to us than the other four. Discovering each other’s language and speaking [...]


Air Pollution: How To Combat Skin’s Invisible Enemy

How To Combat Skin's Invisible Enemy: Air Pollution The increase in air pollution over the years has had major effects on our skin. We cannot avoid it, but we can reduce its effect on our skin. Various air pollutants and ultraviolet radiation affect the skin first, as it is the outermost barrier of our [...]


Top 2019 Skincare Trends

Top 2019 Skincare TrendsSkin care trends come and go, but each year consumers become more educated about the products and companies that create their skincare. We see that the millennial generation is steadily shifting from brand loyalty to new trends in skin care.Every year we see an increase in "new stars" to the ingredient department [...]


What is the Microbiome?

What is The Microbiome? Today we answer the question: “what is microbiome”? Microbiome refers to the miniature world consisting of trillions of microorganisms that lives in your digestive tract. It is truly another organ that we have. The microbiome is often overlooked, as it is invisible to us, but those bacteria orchestrate your digestion, [...]


Probiotic Skincare – The Nourish Beauty Box

Nayelle is honoured to have our CLEANSE Face Wash be chosen by Nourish Beauty Box. Nourish Beauty Box features only 100% vegan, cruelty free products in their subscription box so check them out to see the lovely products they curate and enjoy the article below that they wrote on why they believe in probiotics in [...]