Use GRASS Principles to Select Your Skin Care

Understanding GRASS Principals

So what is GRASS? It is a simple method to remind you of what to look for on labels. Each letter stands for following ingredients: Growth Factors, Retinols, Antioxidants, Specialty Products and Sun Protection.

It is no longer enough to just look for skin care that avoids ‘BAD” chemicals in their formulations. Your skin care should cleanse your skin, nourish it and protect it while conforming to the principals of GRASS. Skin care companies that follow this method will produce the highest quality, effective and natural skin care products available.

G: Growth Factors

GROWTH FACTORS repair and rejuvenate the skin cells. These active, specialty proteins repair the skin which results in fewer lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin texture for the ultimate anti-aging benefits. There are many GROWTH FACTORS, but look for products with these abbreviations TGF-Beta, TGF- B2 and B3, EGF, IGFI, PDGF.

Probiotic skin care based on lactobacillus species from milk processing are loaded with a wide spectrum of GROWTH FACTORS. Some specialty ingredients derived from sea kelp obtain precursors for growth factors to be produced by the cell and thus increase the production of collagen which acts as a firming compound for skin.

GRASS Principals - Growth Factors, Retinols, Antioxidants, Specialty Products, Sun Protection

R: Retinols

RETINOLS are one of the key anti-aging ingredients for reducing any issues related to skin texture, as well as acne and acne scarring. It comes in many forms and essentially retinols are a form of vitamin A. RETINOL retinoids are converted into retinoic acid and contrary to the myth they do not cause sun burns. They may increase skin sensitivity so go easy on products with retinol.

A: Antioxidants

ANTIOXIDANTS defend skin against free radicals and environmental damage. Daily exposure to direct sun rays, household chemicals, pollution and even processed foods will create free radicals that can damage tissues on the cellular level. ANTIOXIDANTS are able to essentially neutralize those free radicals and thus prevent cellular damage. Many plant based ingredients that are not subject to harsh processing will offer a full spectrum of antioxidants. Probiotic conditioning of milk, sea weed and other ingredients is a sure way to load skin care formulas with lots of antioxidants.

S: Specialty Products

Specialty products aim to address the individual needs of the customer, such as, dry skin, rosacea, eczema or others. We have a large body of scientific evidence assigning special “healing” powers to each ingredient. Customers should always look for those on labels and make sure those ingredients are in large enough quantity to provide relieving effects for their specific condition.

S: Sun Protection

SUN PROTECTION shields the skin from damaging UVA & UVB rays. This is really a no brainer. You work so hard to clean and nourish your skin so don’t skip the important step of protecting it from damaging sun rays. Mineral based sunscreen ingredients such a zinc oxide or titanium dioxides are time tested and the safest for sun care products. Look for products with spf15 or higher. These products should also be able to offer additional benefits like moisturizing.
Probiotic skincare lines are a smart way to provide your skin with the rich spectrum of GRASS ingredients. After all, this PROBIOTIC processing method is a copy of our digestive tract method that feeds all our organs every day, including your skin which is your largest organ. So remember GRASS the next time your selecting a new skincare product for the best chance of healthy, youthful looking skin.