Interview With Dr. Vindhya Veerula – Kickass Women Campaign

Empowering Healing to Radiate & Glow from Within

An Interview with Dr. Vindhya VeerulaDr. Vindhya Veerula is dearly known as Dr. V on IG and is one of the most passionate and educated young dermatologists in the field. She literally vibrates positivity and spreads it freely and naturally. Her mission is “Empowering Healing to Radiate & Glow from Within” and her blog is a must read to gain her knowledgeable insights into achieving your skin and health goals. And yes, they go together ladies and hence this is why she opened her own Integrative Dermatologist Centre with a full holistic approach to skincare. I’m honoured to interview and feature Dr. V in our Nayelle Kickass Women Campaign.


Question: Dr Veerula, what has been your 3 key inspirations to pursuing your career as a Dermatologist?

A: My dad is a pediatrician — ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. My older brother is a Board Certified Internist and also Board Certified in Integrative Medicine. I chose Dermatology as I love the detail, depth and challenge that comes with managing and treating our skin. Dermatology involves hair, skin and nails. Being a visual and tactile person, I love being able to make a diagnosis by the appearance of a skin rash or skin lesion. Furthermore, Dermatology offers hands on procedures, and is at the forefront of anti-aging therapies.

Question: A holistic approach to skin is a new concept to many, can you explain it and why it’s integral to healthy skin?

A: Yes! Holistic wellness is spreading, as so many of us realize the influence our environment and lifestyle has on our skin.
The skin is the largest organ of the body, and conditions happening on the inside of the body can often manifest on our skin first. I value an integrative approach to skin care, as I truly believe that our dietary choices and lifestyle directly influence our skin health. Gone are the days, where we want a quick pill or cream to treat our skin. Yes, those may be part of a skin care plan, however, addressing proper nutrition, supplementation, and stress are equally as important, and often overlooked. By teaching my patients HOW to tuen into what is really going on inside the body and the mind, is one of the most powerful pieces of knowledge needed for developing long-lasting health, vibrant energy, and radiant skin!

Question: Everyone has hurdles to jump, what were your big hurdles to get where you are today?

A: The route towards becoming a medical doctor and especially a Dermatologist is challenging, competitive, and lengthy.
Most of the hurdles are the ones we place on ourselves. Once we are able to see them for what we are, only then are we able to move past them! That being said, one of my recent hurdles was the decision to start my own practice!

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Question: What was the driving force to switch to Integrative Dermatology and open your own centre?

A: I felt my calling was to start an Integrative Dermatology clinic, as I realized I could provide BETTER service disservice by embracing an alternative to our current model of healthcare.

Question: I believe this is a immensely valuable integration of dermatology and holistic healthy, but geographically your services are out of reach to me and others. How could we still have a skin consult with you? (Do you do FaceTime skin consultations and overall health analysis? I want to let followers know how to reach out).

A: I do offer televisits with those in California and Indiana. Anyone interested may contact my office at (260) 450-1313. Our contact email is You can visit Dr.V’s website at

Question: Lastly, what advice would you give your 20 year old self?

A: Give love freely to yourself and the world. Be gentle with yourself. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and take action despite your fears. Seek to find the magic within — to live authentically in your own skin. Trust your intuition, and develop the patience and discipline to take the road less traveled. You and the world will be better for it. :)

Dr. V