Do Face Oils Really Hydrate The Skin?

Before there was skin care as we know it, people were using only oils for skin care. Oil’s main function is to protect skin’s outer layer and keep it moisturized.

Individual oils provide a variety of other benefits ranging from delivering antioxidants, nourishing skin growth, UV damage protection, and more.

Water and oil do not mix so it may sounds strange to you, but it is a fact, oils DO hydrate skin as well.

As a rule of thumb, when you applying skin care products you should go from lightest to thickest, thus, oils must be applied as the last step during your skin care regime.

People with acne issues are afraid to use oil products as they may clog the pores leading to outbreaks. Other people just do not like the oily feeling on their skin. As with anything in life there is a great variety of plant based oils and they come with different qualities that can suit any skin type.

Dry skin sufferers benefit the most from oils. Oils are emollients that seal the skin and prevent any water loss. For beginner users of oils, try dry oils first. Dry oils have small molecules that are easily absorbed deep into the tissue without the oily and sticky after-feeling on the skin. Dry oils with antimicrobial activities are suitable for acne prone individuals. Dry oil examples are marula, jojoba, fractioned coconut, and many more.

For super dry skin conditions use argan oil, rosehip, squalene.

Best oils for sensitive skin are lavender, chamomile and it’s the best to combine them
with carrier oils such as grapeseed or jojoba.

If hyperpigmentation is your issue then argan oil is your friend, together with evening primrose, lemon, and frankincense.

Antiaging heroes are grapeseed oil, rosehip, olive and sunflower.

Bakuchoil is relatively new kid on the block but it is a retinol-type product that does not come with the side-effects retinol may have.

There is oil for any skin condition, it just takes some time to research them and slowly start implementing them in your daily routine.

Always store oils in non-transparent glass bottles, away from higher temperatures and direct sunlight, as oils tend to oxidize fast. If your oils smell a bit rancid then you know it was oxidized and its efficacy is diminished.

In short, find the best oil for your skin type and use it. Oils are rich and nutrient dense
essential components for a full complete skin care regime.

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