The Benefits of Skin Exfoliation

Skin Exfoliation

Your skin plays an important role not only in how you look, but also in how you feel.

Our skin ages overtime, it starts a little before and after you turn 18 years old, fine wrinkles will start to show up, sun spots will occur from the damage from UV rays and of course, damages from acne. Once aging starts, basically it will be hard for our body to cope up with the changes and any skin related problems will take longer to be solved as cell rejuvenation will be very slow.

Our skin needs to be hydrated to look young. As we age the collagen level in our dermis decreases which reacts on our elastic tissues. This is where you will notice that you skin looks unhealthy, pores are bigger and wrinkles appear. This is very hard to control since that is a natural change in our body that we cannot stop. This is where skin rejuvenation is very important since by rejuvenating our skin, it stimulates collagen production for us to have a healthy and glowing skin.


  1. IMPROVE YOUR SKINS TEXTURE: Exfoliating the dead skin speeds up skin renewal process allowing new healthy skin to grow out. Dead skin cells build up that causes bumps and hyper pigmentation that will make your skin look dull. Once exfoliated and new skin grows out, you will have vibrant, smooth and hydrated skin.
  2. HELPS CLEAR ACNE AND BREAKOUTS: It reduces the occurrence of acne, blackheads and breakouts. It will help keep your pores clean and unclogged. Acne-prone skin produces extra skin cells compared to other skin types but that extra skin doesn’t slough away, but rather it ticks to your skin, clogs pores and hair follicles and produces excess follicle oils which leads to blackheads, blemishes and acne.
  3. MINIMIZES APPEARANCE OF PORES: Rejuvenation removes the dirt stuck deep inside your pores. Washing your skin alone will not accomplish this. When your pores are clogged, they appear larger. Rejuvenating your skin will deeply clear out our skin and make our pores look smaller.
  4. EVEN OUT SKIN TONE: Uneven skin tone is the number one problem that women have these days. Rejuvenating is deep cleansing so it takes away leftover dirt and makeup. Skin renewal allows new skin to appear bright and flawless.
  5. FIGHT SIGNS OF AGING: Aging is uncontrollable. There are ways for us to avoid looking old. As time flies, collagen production decreases, skin renewal and collagen production slows down and these causes our skin to lose hydration and produce wrinkles. Skin rejuvenation helps out in removing layers of dead skin that accumulate of the years. Promotes skin renewal and hydrates our skin making it look healthy and youthful. Exfoliation also helps out to lighten sun spots which we acquire from too much exposure to the sun.
  6. BETTER ABSORPTION: Moisturizers and serum are better absorbed into healthy skin that is not blocked by layers of dead skin cells and dirt. Moisturizers easily penetrate to our healthy skin as there is nothing worse than wasting them just by applying them on the dead part of our skin.

Healthy skin can absorb all of its ingredients and nutrients. I would recommend that you use an organic moisturizer since its contents doesn’t include any harsh ingredients.

Best moisturizer will be NAYELLE’s since it’s all organic. It contains all natural ingredients that is well proven by time like Tremella Mushroom and Sea Kelp extract that retains moisture and locks in hydration like crazy!