Vitamin C – A Guide for Skincare

Vitamin C in skincare products is very popular, as the benefits are indisputable and are backed by science.

Overall, vitamins are complex molecular structures that work together in harmony to deliver desired effect but some are more important than others.

What is Vitamin C really good for?

🌼 Vitamin C is a power-house antioxidant that has neutralizing effects on all that “bad stuff” our skin comes into contact with during the day:

  • protects the skin from UV damage,
  • suppresses pigmentation,
  • preserves the integrity of collagen and elastic fibers,
  • and even promotes synthesis of collagen.

The more Vitamin C in the product, the better the results?

🌼 Vitamin C can cause irritation at high concentrations, so stick with products that have around a 5-20% range of Vitamin C. It is safe for sensitive and dry skin at lower concentrations. It is fiction that Vitamin C and exposure to sun will lead to skin sensitivities.

When is the best time to apply Vitamin C?

🌼 Vitamin C is an early morning riser, so it is recommended you use it at the start of your day, before the application of moisturizer or any other products you may use.

What are the best types of skincare products for Vitamin C delivery?

🌼 Serums are the preferred for this job, as they are fast absorbing. Our Vitamin C serum is one of three Nayelle customers’ most favourite product.

Vitamin C Serum

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Can I mix Vitamin C with retinol?

🌼 Be careful NOT to mix Vitamin C with products containing benzoyl peroxide (retinol). However, Vitamin C works well if applied in tandem with hyaluronic acid. In general, Vitamin C is a versatile product that can be mixed with almost any other product.

How do I store Vitamin C products?

🌼 It is recommended you store any Vitamin C products in a dry place away from direct sunlight, and at room temperature. If your product begins changing colour from transparent to cloudy dark yellow or brown, then your Vitamin C is oxidized and therefore less effective.

Can I apply Vitamin C around my eyes?

🌼 Yes you can. We know skin around the eye area is thin and sensitive, but Vitamin C is both safe and effective even there. Vitamin C is suitable for all skin types, especially if you have problems with dry skin.

As with any new product you may introduce into your regime, test first on a small area with lower concentrations and allow enough time to ensure you do not react before using more on your face.