Hormonal Acne, Blemishes and Rosacea:
CALM Face Serum to the Rescue

Let’s talk about hormones and the havoc they can wreak upon our skin. Whether it’s those pesky blemishes that show up along with monthly cycles, or the complete freak out invasion of hormonal acne…

It’s not fun to deal with! And especially when you may be pregnant and using a 100% natural product is essential.

Rachel is a new mom, pharmacist and a Nayelle customer

Inflammation, Inflammation…

Inflammation is the root cause of the already mentioned skin issues along with acne and rosacea. Treating that head on is the best solution to clearing it quickly.

This is where our new CALM Face Serum comes to the rescue.

CALM - Serum for Acne Prone Skin

CALM Face Serum for Acne, Blemishes, Rosacea

After much research and testing, we formulated the CALM to incorporate 3 highly specialized natural powerhouse ingredients to tackle inflammation:

  • Niacinamide
  • Vitamin C
  • MSM Organic Sulfur

How quickly can our CALM work?

My daughter and I have been using the Calm for a few months now and are so pleased with the quick relief it brings. And Nayelle customers love it too…

We received this review from our customer Rachel, a new mom, who noticed relief in just 24 hours. Rachel is also a pharmacist, so understands the chemistry behind certain ingredients.

Rachel – March 2, 2022:

“This product has the lovely consistency of a light cream but packs the punch of a serum! I love how a little goes a long way and can be used as spot treatment- making it easy to take care of and improve your skin without adhering to a strict regiment.

Bonus: it only takes 24hrs to notice a reduction in the inflammation of the breakout/ problem area without drying your skin out!”

Stress and hormones

We ladies all know that when major life stress comes our way combined with hormone surges we can see some surprising skin reactions.

Drew, a Nayelle fan and customer

Drew, also a Nayelle customer, shared that she suddenly had dry itchy patches on her face in a few places. Something that had never been an issue for her before… with the stress of exams, alongside the stress of a pandemic and bam, her clear complexion was invaded.

Drew – March 4, 2022:

“This calm serum has been my holy grail. I’ve been using the acne prone kit from Nayelle for about 3 weeks now, all my stress and hormonal acne has cleared. I had these stubborn, red, dry patches on my face for months and they have completely cleared up. My skin tone feels like it’s been restored to its former glory thanks to Nayelle.

As a young post secondary graduate, my wallet and my fragile skin thanks Nayelle for saving me.” ❤️


Now rosacea… that’s a tricky one as stress also plays a major role. Life is life and we have to take it as it comes and the CALM does lend you a helping hand.

Kimberly, a qualified esthetician, recently tried Nayelle’s CALM. See why she says “it’s magic”.

Kimberley Robertson – March 17, 2022:

“The Calm I have to say is magic! I have been using it twice daily, for only 2 days, and already my pink cheeks are less bright. I have rosacea and was most surprised with this product.”

Have questions?

We are so happy that Rachel, Drew and Kimberly are pleased with their results and I am thankful for sharing their reviews so you all can see what the new CALM can do for you.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to contact me at tanya@nayelle.com. Also, please keep in mind that the Calm along with a few other Nayelle products is highly suitable for teenagers with acne prone skin.

Take care of yourselves & wishing you clear, beautiful, glowing skin!

xx Tanya Moss
Founder and President of Nayelle Skincare