Discover the benefits of our effective acne fighting products without the use of harsh chemicals – alcohol, salicylic acid and benzyoil peroxide – that are commonly used in acne products.

Our ACNE KIT to help you achieve clear, healthy skin! We formulated these 3 acne fighting products based on scientific research to reduce inflammation, redness and irritation – CLEAR Toner, CALM Serum, & PURIFY Clay Mask.

We are proud to produce these effective acne products without the use of harsh chemicals such as alcohol, salicylic acid and benzyoil peroxide that are commonly used in acne products. You can trust Nayelle to use only natural ingredients with historical evidence to provide effective skincare products.

This kit also  works well for rosacea and hormonal blemishes.  This powerful serum calms and restores a healthy radiance to the skin by providing essential vitamins with potent antioxidants that penetrate deeply to help soothe the skin.


  • STEP 1: Clean your face with your preferred gentle cleanser, or use and learn about our gentle, pH balanced CLEAN foaming gel face wash. Learn more.


  • STEP 2: CLEAR toner is formulated with a powerhouse ingredient called Hypochlorous Acid that deeply purifies the skin. Hypoclorous Acid known as HOA is naturally produced by the immune system’s white blood cells as a response to harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens or bruising, environmental damage cause by sun or pollutants that ultimately end up causing inflammations. HOA mimics the first responders of your immune system that once on the scene of trouble, deliver HOA to affected areas. We now can apply it topically to the skin. Used in medical industry for decades extremely safe but very powerful. Learn More


  • STEP 3: CALM serum has three special acne fighting ingredients: Vitamin C, Niacinamide and MSM. These three specialized ingredients work together in synergy to calm inflammation and heal the skin. MSM is composed of sulphur which has historical and scientific evidence to help clear acne prone skin. Vitamin C and Niacinamide are recognized anti-acne ingredients as well. We did not include common anti-acne ingredients like alcohol, salicylic acid and benzoil peroxide due to the harsh side-effects they come with. Learn more.


  • STEP 4: PURIFY clay mask is a mineral rich, oceanic clay mask suitable for deep tissue cleansing. It helps to reduce the irritation and redness while deeply purifying the skin to prevent more blemishes from forming. It purifies so well because of the osmotic pressure created by high mineral concentration. Leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated. Learn more.



1. Wash face with a cleanser and gently pat dry with paper towel.
2. Then spray CLEAR Toner over entire face and neck area.
3. Wait a minute for toner to absorb, and then apply CALM Face Serum.
4. Once weekly: Use the PURIFY Clay Mask over entire face and other acne areas such as back and neck.


CALM 1 fl oz (30 ml), CLEAR 4 fl oz (120ml), PURIFY 4 fl oz (120ml)