Dr. Whitney Bowe and Probiotic Skincare Technology

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Today we are featuring the skincare wisdom of Dr. Whiteney Bowe, to help all of you achieve your ultimate skin care goals!

Dr. Bowe supports and promotes probiotic skincare and reveals the science behind it’s benefit. We would love for her to try Nayelle one day! We are sure she would love it!

Dr. Whitney Bowe is a renowned New York-based dermatologist. She is committed to achieving and maintaining the health and radiance of her patients’ skin. She is one of the most in-demand dermatologists in the country and specializes in skin rejuvenation and laser dermatology Dr. Bowe has studied the link between nutrition and skincare for her entire career and is a champion of using probiotics to achieve a healthy skin microbiome.

Dr. Whitney’s Probiotic Skincare Picks

Dr. Whitney Bowe is obsessed with achieving healthy, glowing skin and her signature “Bowe Glow” for all her clients and followers. She is an expert in her field of skincare and regularly recommends skincare products that give incredible results and also work “behind the scenes” to maintain your skin’s health.

In her new book “The Beauty of Dirty Skin” Dr. Bowe demonstrates the importance of protecting your skin’s “healthy rainforest of bugs”. She shows us that our skin is covered with trillions of micro-organisms, primarily bacteria, that are essential to healthy skin. There are upwards of one million of these bugs occupying a single square centimeter of your skin’s surface. This “rainforest of bugs” is known as the skin’s microbiome.

The health of your skin’s microbiome plays a vital role in the overall health and behavior of your skin. All of this good bacteria provides important functions for your skin that the human body can’t perform on its own. If your skin’s microbiome is off balance, you will experience any number of skin issues including eczema, acne, dry skin, dull skin, and premature aging. On the other hand, if you nourish and strengthen your skin’s microbiome than it will keep your skin healthy in return.

Probiotics (healthy bacteria) act as a protective shield from external and internal invaders, provide calming effects, provide ammunition against bad bacteria, and boost your skin’s innate functionality. These effects ultimately help reduce inflammation, which in turn helps limit flare-ups in skin and prevents premature aging.

For all of these reasons Dr. Bowe recommends products which protect your skin’s healthy bugs and are backed by science. One of her favourite topical probiotic technology products is GLOWBIOTICS’ Probiotic HydraGlow Cream Oil. It uses a fermented extract that has been shown to stimulate epidermal growth, meaning it helps stimulate skin renewal. Our skin cell turnover slows as we mature, and that can result in dull skin. By accelerating the growth of new skin cells from below, this product brings fresh, healthy cells to the surface, and that is key to maintaining a youthful glow and radiance.

The other thing Dr. Bowe loves about probiotic technology in skincare is that it boosts the skin’s innate immune function. In other words, this product supports your skin’s natural defense mechanisms and shields our skin from invaders while calming unnecessary inflammation.

Nayelle Probiotic Skincare Formulations

We love to follow and share Dr. Bowe’s skincare advice and experience with all of our followers. Dr. Bowe is an expert and proponent in the use of probiotics in skincare to help nourish and protect the skin’s microbiome. That is what Nayelle is all about! Our probiotic formulations use fermented superfood ingredients to feed your skin the nutrients that it needs to protect and maintain a healthy skin microbiome. For more information and tips on how to keep your skin’s microbiome healthy please read our skin microbiome article.