The Skin’s Microbiome

Skin MicrobiomeLike your digestive system the skin has its own microbiome, a complex ecosystem of bacteria that serves as the foundation for healthy skin. It is critical in protecting your skin from acne, irritation and premature aging.

Even if you have a solid skin care routine, you can still be prone to various skin issues. Other factors like your skin’s pH level, the amount oil in your skin, and its over hydration level all impact the skin microbiome. Environmental factors must also be taken into consideration as they can adversely affect the condition of your skin.

It is important to create a diverse ecosystem where good bacteria can thrive and protect your skin.

There are three main elements of a healthy skin barrier:

  1. The skin’s microbiome
  2. The acid mantle
  3. The lipid barrier

These work in harmony to protect against irritants, infection and environmental damage.

The skin’s microbiome (found on the surface of the skin) is your skin’s first line of defence.

Like your digestive system it is important to nurse the beneficial bacteria in your skin’s microbiome with pre-biotics and probiotics so that it can properly defend against irritants. Pre-Biotics are nutrients that help feed and strengthen good bacteria. Probiotics are good bacteria that help promote a healthy ecosystem.

5 Factors to Promote a Healthy Skin Microbiome:

  1. Washing your Face: Wash your face every morning and evening with a gentle pH balanced cleanser. Find a Company that states it’s cleanser is pH balanced. This can be tested if desired, but you should be able to trust their word. If it is not pH balanced, you will notice your skin will feel tight and dry. Then you will need a toner to restore the pH balance. If you don’t disturb the PH in the first place, then you will not need the extra product or spend more money to purchase it.
  2. Exfoliate: Overtime, dead skin cells can build up on the surface of the skin, making it more difficult for the skin micro biome to do it’s job. Use a gentle enzyme peel like Glycomed once or twice a week to sweep away dead skin cells, accelerate cell turnover and increase the absorption of other products into the skin. Sweet little spring cleaning for your skin!
  3. Promote good bacteria with pre-biotics and probiotics: Probiotics produce a set of compounds and creating a good pH for your skin. This also creates a healthy environment for the skin microbiome. Choosing a skin care such as a NAYELLE probiotic skin care provides your skin it’s daily dose of healthy beneficial probiotics.
  4. Support the skin barrier with Essential Fatty Acids and Hyaluronic Acid: Our skin needs essential fatty acids. We get these fatty acids from the nutrition that we eat. Foods like nuts, olive oil, eggs and dark green leafy vegetables are nature’s best sources. Essential fatty acids are so beneficial for overall skin health and nourishing your skin’s microbiome.Hyaluronic acid holds in the moisture and helps plump your skin and defend it from environmental pollution. Nayelle probiotic skin care uses a natural source of snow mushroom that has 3 to 5 times the moisturizing benefit of hyaluronic acid. Snow Mushroom has been used in Chinese culture as a ingredient in there cooking and skin care for centuries. It is said that it has 50 times more moisturizing benefits when used as skin moisturizer. Nayelle Probiotic Skincare may be the only skin care using this powerful natural ingredient. Snow Mushroom also has the highest source of natural vitamin D known to mankind.
  5. Protect your skin with sunscreen: Use a sunscreen on a daily basis even when there is cloud coverage as the sun’s rays still penetrate and damage your skin. Up to 80% of ageing is caused by sun damage. La Roche Posay has a 60 SPF, it’s light and absorbs beautifully.

In summary, it is important to understand and promote the health of your skin’s microbiome. Nourishing your skin’s micro-biome will significantly affect your skin’s ability aging process. Follow our five factors to help improve the condition of your skin’s micro-biome and protect yourself from premature ageing.