Integrative Dermatology with Dr. V

Dr V. Dermatologist ReviewWe were wondering ourselves about all the concepts that influence “integrative dermatology” and received some great advice from Dr.V (a boardcertified dermatologist) to help answer the question of “What is Integrative Dermatology?

Integrative Dermatology – It’s SO MUCH more than SKIN DEEP!

We are entering a new era of health & wellness. It is no secret that what we put in our bodies impacts our health, our mind, and of course, our skin.

Proper Skincare

It’s about proper skincare. Especially eliminating or reducing exposure to toxic ingredients. This goes for skin products and all those beauty/anti-aging procedures. Time to swap out your skin care & choose clean, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced beauty procedures & products. (Our planet and it’s beautiful souls thank you.)

Stress Management

It’s using mindfulness to help you manage and alleviate your stress. Now some stress is healthy, if used to motivate us in a positive manner. It’s taking the the time to SLOW DOWN, to LISTEN, and to learn the RIGHT way to relax!

Our Relationship with Food

It’s rebuilding our relationship with food. Our nutrition needs to contain the proper macro and micronutrients. Part of this process also includes decreasing processed foods, limiting sugars and reducing red and fatty meats. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is key. For many individuals this may also include avoiding dairy and for others, it’s gluten. It’s incorporating certain supplements in a monitored and controlled manner, under proper medical guidance. It’s thinking about HOW and WHERE are foods are sourced, and choosing non-GMO &/or organic if possible.


It’s exercise everybody! Moving our bodies daily helps detox body and mind. Exercise improves our wellbeing. It also improves our circulation, and our body’s ability to flush out toxins. It also unleashes that inner glow :)

It’s showing you how to make BETTER choices when it comes to your skin and your health..and ultimately LOVING your body and skin. It’s time to show yourself gratitude and rethink skin care.

We hope this article helps explain the concept of integrative dermatology. And thanks for the help from Dr.V with clarifying some of the key points.