Top 2019 Skincare Trends

Skin care trends come and go, but each year consumers become more educated about the products and companies that create their skincare. Today we are seeing a steady shift from brand loyalty to following new trends in skin care.

Top 2019 Skincare Trends

Every year we see an increase in “new stars” to the ingredient department only to be overshadow by the next batch of incredible ingredients the following year. Most recently we have seen the “morning Korean” skin care routines that took this task up to 60-90 minutes. So what is trending in 2019?

Multi-Tasking Skincare Products

Skin care companies are trying to streamline that lengthy Korean routine with the development of multitasking products. It only makes sense to have a moisturizer that will not only hydrate your skin but it will be loaded with antioxidants and some SPF. Why not to have a product that can hydrate, repair and protect at the same time?

Cannabis and CBD Oils

Another top skincare trend this year will be the continued use of cannabis and CBD oils as an ingredient. The pharmaceutical, chemistry and skincare researchers love new toys to play with and cannabis promises to offer many new and exciting discoveries. CBD oils are currently used to treat nausea, pain, and anxiety (and if they are extracted from industrial hemp, it’s now legal in Canada and many States). CBD is also known to be anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, cell-regenerative, and anti–cell proliferative for bad cells. This means that CBD is a potential therapy for a range of medical conditions. Whether or not they will be effective or more effective than current ingredients to improve certain skin conditions remains to be seen as a lot more research still needs to be done.

SPF Protection

Lets talk about SPF protection. We all know it is an essential part of any skin care routine. Regulating authorities are slow to approve other ingredients that are allowed to provide protection from those nasty UV rays. You can choose products that are known to provide SPF protection without the SPF claim-like raspberry or carrot seed oils.


Pollution and environmental issues are a massive problem for our skin. These only promise to get worse over the coming years. One of the top 2019 skincare trends is products that are loaded with antioxidants. Fermented or probiotic products are obvious front runners in this department.

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Better Diets

In addition, we should consider better choices for our food consumption as those have major effect on our skin. Fruits and vegetables, healthy oils and prebiotic food are welcome and toss those processed foods and sugary drinks to the garbage bin. Some beauty supplements can play minor role as well.

The Skin and Gut Microbiome

The importance and heath of both your gut and skin microbiome will be a top skincare trend in 2019. It is important to have a healthy and balanced microbiome inside your gut as well as on your skin. For this reason, clean, honest and natural ingredients in skin care products are going to be what everyone is looking for in 2019.

Self Education and The End of Celebrity Influence

One of the skin care trends we love to see are what many refer to as “the millennial trend to self-educate”. This is slowly leading people to not just blindly follow what celebrities and social media are saying. We believe that the days of celebrities telling us what is best for our skin are over and we all are well equipped to make decisions for ourselves.

2019 Skincare Trends in Summary

In summary, naturally sourced ingredients, formulated to deliver several multitasking benefits to your skin and its microbiome will drive consumer skincare choices in 2019.