Selecting the Right Skin Care

Selecting the Right Skincare

With so many options to choose from selecting the right skin care line for you could be an overwhelming task.  Knowing what goes on your skin is as important as what you put in your mouth. We all should read the labels and pay attention to marketing claims that could be misleading at times. Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry is not regulated at all which leaves a space for questionable practices to be used in marketing and manufacturing of skin care lines.

1. Read the Labels

Read Cosmetic Labels

On the label, ingredients are listed from the largest amount of ingredient to the smallest amount. Many questionable ingredients have two or three names and can be hidden from watchful eyes of customers that may be aware of one form or name of ingredient, but is not aware of the synonyms. Often marketers stress that a product has some unique, exotic, miracle ingredient, but in close examination you will find this “silver bullet” at the bottom of the list at 0.01 % concentration.  This ingredient may be beneficial to the skin, but at this concentration question remains about its efficacy.

2. Marketing Claims

This is “The Wild Wild West” territory in cosmetic marketing. Just because a claim is on the label does not guarantee its eligibility. Creative minds of marketers and fine wordsmithing can create illusion that a product was tested, approved and endorsed by some experts. Have you ever wondered why so many celebrities are experts on the topic of skin care? Yes you guessed it right…the answer is money.

3. $$$ You know the phrase “You get what you pay for”… well not necessarily in the cosmetic business

Cosmetic industry has healthy margins for companies and it is for this reason there is a new cosmetic line launched every day. I can tell you from experience that 90% of the cosmetic products on the market today are very similar if not identical from a chemistry point of view. If you decide to start your skin care line today, all you need to do is make appointment at a skincare manufacturer, select a few formulas from their stock list, design the label and you are in the business. Oh yes, do not forget to spend a bunch of money on the marketing campaign for that “miracle ingredient” you are incorporating into a generic formula at 0.01 % rate to be “different”.

So how should you select the right skin care line for yourself?

Research Cosmetic Products

Research the brand and do not rely on influencers’ reviews as I still have not seen a negative review of any product. Read labels and make sure ingredients are as natural as possible. Ask companies to support their claims with independent studies done on their product or look for the same on their web page. Do not sign up for free products just for the cost of shipping as you may get an unwelcome  surprise when that company’s products start arriving monthly and your Visa is also charged monthly. Stay away from products costing over $100 just for one jar with a “fix it all” claim.  When trying a new skin care line, always test it on small areas of your body for a few days to make sure you don’t have a negative reaction. And remember, just because some product works for your friend, it is not a guarantee it will work for you.