Rebecca’s Skin Care Routine – Tips for Vibrant Skin

skin care tips for healthy vibrant skinRebecca is one of our favourite fitness and lifestyle bloggers. She is a fitness professional helping to connect women on their journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle through her online community at . Her goal is to provide knowledge and continuing support so that everyone can create their own unique nutrition and fitness routine to achieve lasting results.

In a recent post Rebecca discusses her formula for achieving vibrant skin and we wanted to share this on our blog. She has several skin care tips that have helped her achieve the best skin of her life.


From my early teens right up to my late 20’s, I was the victim of breakouts and sore pimples. Up until my late 20’s, I suffered from acne. I have super fair skin which, from a early age, has developed lots of little wrinkles around my eyes. This made me super self-conscious of my terrible skin and let me tell you, I tried every acne product under the sun to try to clear my skin!

But it wasn’t until I  switched over to a completely plant-based, whole foods diet that my skin improved.

I am now 34 and have honestly the best skin I’ve ever had! Sure it has a few more wrinkles, but it also is so clear and vibrant! I get compliments in the grocery store line, from other moms at school, and even from younger women who ask me what I use!!

I’m now at an age where I can gracefully accept the compliments and be confident that even with my laugh lines, I do really have great skin.
Let me share the things I’ve changed in the past few months/years that have made all the difference.

Skincare DO’s and DONT’s

  1. NO DAIRY! Not even a tiny amount. I haven’t had any dairy in over 3 years now and this is a non-negotiable. It makes me feel bad and worse.. it definitely makes me break out.
  2. GREENS. Most of you know that my green smoothie-a-day habit was a huge game changer for me in terms of healthy habits and feeling more energized. It also helped up my leafy greens consumption. Although I try to eat a salad every day, let’s be honest, that’s not always possible– having a green smoothie is:)
  3. FAT. I used to be afraid that eating fat would make me fat. Now I know this simply isn’t true and that healthy fats are essential to feeling and looking my best. I add almond butter, avocado, hemp hearts, coconut oil, and other plant-based sources of fat to my diet daily.
  4. WATER. Ya ya, I know you have heard it a million times, but are you consistently drinking enough water every day? Probably not. I wasn’t. Now I hydrate in the am, and carry my water around with me at all times.
  5. SLEEP. I no longer pride myself on my ability to function on only 6 hours of sleep. I make a serious effort to get my 8 hrs in every night – it matters!
  6. NO MORE WINE. I don’t want to sound to righteous over this one as I don’t think wine (or any alcohol) is bad in small amounts. I just can’t drink it anymore without having a severe allergic reaction and anxiety, so NO THANK YOU. But….. I have got to say, that in these past few months sans wine, my skin looks a few years younger.  No drinking means better sleeps, better hydration, a healthier liver and better gut health. All elements that contribute to more glowing skin.
  7. Nayelle Probiotic Skin Care Regime. I used to buy the cheap drugstore brands for my skin care and basically put junk food on my face. Now, I choose what goes on my face (and body) very carefully. I have been using Nayelle for over 5 months now and can say that it has been my favourite skin care line hands down. People started commenting just a few days after I started using it and the compliments have been rolling in ever since. Not that I care what other people think, but it’s nice since I do see myself on screen in my FIT CLUB videos and on instagram, so it’s nice to feel confident in my skin. Plus it’s sooooooo soft. I use the whole regime including the clay mask, the cleanser, the daydream and the night cream. LOVE THEM.

eat healthy and lots of greens for better skinI do each and every one of these tips CONSISTENTLY! I also love my skin because I am accepting of how I look and have learned to love the way I look. I am older and wiser and don’t really care about what other people think which also helps!

If you are interested in learning more healthy habits around eating well, fitness, skin care and mindset you can try Rebecca’s online health and wellness program FIT CLUB. The goal is to have more women loving the skin they are in and feeling confident and happy on their journey’s towards ultimate health:)