Rebecca - KWC interview

Today we are honoured to feature Rebecca Johnston. Her goal is to help people create healthy lifestyle changes through plant based nutrition, effective exercise and a positive mindset! Rebecca is a professional fitness coach, business owner (FIT CLUB), one of our favourite fitness and health gurus and a mother of 2 beautiful girls.

We proudly nominate Rebecca as she’s a serious Kickass lady and we appreciate her knowledge and the interview she gave us.

Rebecca @BeNaturallyFit Interview:

Q: Rebecca you were a semi-professional dancer. What were your unique highlights and challenges of this career?

A: Dancing was my passion, my outlet, my escape and my greatest joy for so many years. My highlights were the life-long friends I made and the experiences we shared while travelling and performing together. My greatest challenge was finding balance! Dancing is all consuming and very removed from ‘real-life’. I wanted to live a life filled with different adventures and experiences and when your dancing, this is really hard!

Q: You are now a Barre Fitness coach, and successfully run an online Fit Club. What was your key motivation to pursuing this career?

A: My motivation really lies in my own pursuit for personal discovery and development! I do this work of mindfulness, fitness and nutrition everyday and live it with passion. So it felt right to share my discoveries with other women. This is why I started my online business, so I could easily share the habits, tools and techniques that have improved my health and made me HAPPY:)

Q: I love that “Be Naturally Fit” isn’t only a fitness motivational club, but a holistic approach to overall wellness. Can you explain why you include meditation, spirituality and mindset skills?

A: It’s a from the ground up approach, we are what we think. So even if you work out everyday and eat a clean diet, you can still be a miserable person if your mindset is negative. There is so much more to life than the way we look and it truly starts with our thoughts. We all have the tools within us to feel powerful, healthy, connected to our body and spirit and most importantly, to feel confident showing up as our true authentic selves. It takes a lot of mindset work to get to that place so this is where I like to focus.

Q: What is Fit Club and who would benefit from signing up?

A: Fit Club is an incredible resource and inspiration for any forward thinking, health conscious women who is looking to rise up to her highest potential. With Fit Club, I support you with a workout plan to help you feel strong and connected in your body, clean nutrition tips, meal plans and recipes, and the guidance to start healing past negative patterns and mindsets with mindfulness, meditation and spiritual practices.

Q: You are a mother of 2 beautiful girls. What’s your top key advice in raising healthy kids?

A: Well, this is my hardest job for sure! lol I think it’s important to lead by example and not push your beliefs onto your children but allow them to find their own way. Yes, I only have healthy things in the house, but my kids are also encouraged to make their own food choices. I would love them to feel empowered in making the best choices for them! I also want us to always feel connected as a family. We meditate together, go for walks, spend time together every weekend and always eat as a family.

Q: It isn’t easy to juggle both a family and a career. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you deal with it?

A: The biggest challenge is learning to draw the line where work ends and personal life begins. Because my brand is so personal and I do share so much of my practices, habits and daily hacks with my clients, it’s hard to know when to put the phone down. Luckily I don’t struggle with self-care! It’s one thing I prioritize every single day! Sometimes for hours a day:) I feel no guilt or shame in saying that I take a few hours everyday on me. It’s how I stay grounded, creative and vibrant.

Q: Lastly, I see that your “Go Sugar Fee with Me” campaign has over 20k views! Congratulations on such great success! This is something most all of us struggle with. Can you briefly explain the main reasons why it’s important to go sugar free?

A: Where to start! Sugar is really the root cause of so many inflammatory conditions and diseases we live with today. It feeds the bad bacteria in our gut microbiome, it feeds cancerous cells, is bad for our skin, weight and immune system. I think it’s so important that we fight back against the food industry that had been adding crappy sugars (not the healthy kinds!) to our foods and our kids food by not buying their products and by learning how great it feels to live a sugar free life! It starts with awareness and the ability to make better food decisions. If you eat a whole foods diet and less packaged foods, you’re already takin the first steps. The next ones are learning the emotional connection we have to sugar and how it can negatively effect our moods and energy level. There’s a lot to unpack on this, I definitely think everyone should try my 1 month sugar detox month in February and see the difference it makes!

Q: Do you have any new feature projects coming up and if so, can you give us a sneak peak of what to look forward to?

A: Yes, I am so exciting to be sharing my knowledge of mindfulness and meditation with the fitness community! I have a few workshops and conferences coming up to introduce mindfulness and meditation to other fitness industry professionals so we can all incorporate more awareness and mindfulness is the classes we teach.

Q: Lastly, how can our customers and followers find your services?

A: The best places to find me and stay up to date on my upcoming workshops, classes and online challenges are over on my website and blog If you sign up for my newsletter, you won’t miss a beat and will receive lots of bonus material from me life free workouts, recipes and meditations. I’m also active on my instagram account benaturally_fit and my Facebook page Be Naturally Fit. Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel, Be Naturally Fit by Rebecca, for a free 30 minute workout every month:)