Three Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Probiotic Skincare

Reasons to love probiotic skincareHaving recently turned 50, my goal is to age as gracefully as possible. I don’t expect skincare products to make me look 20 again, but many left my skin feeling irritated with no noticeable improvements. Then I tried a probiotic line and a new youthful glow returned to my skin. Probiotics is the new buzz in the skincare industry. Health and wellness experts are discussing the many benefits of probiotics and thus peaking public interest. It’s a natural process that involves biologically enhancing ingredients using beneficial microbes to increase its nutritional value and absorption capacity. This is the same process used in making yogurt and in most probiotic skincare moisturizers.

Boosts Skin’s Innate Functionality

Probiotics are presently a hot topic in the skincare world and since I value their role in my heath regime, I was very intrigued to learn about its benefits in skincare. Esteemed dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe shares her in-depth knowledge and research on the benefits of probiotics in skincare in her new book, “The Beauty of Dirty Skin”. She explains that “probiotics (healthy bacteria) act as a protective shield from external and internal invaders, provide calming effects, provide ammunition against bad bacteria, and boost your skin’s innate functionality. These effects ultimately help reduce inflammation, which in turn helps limit flare-ups in skin and prevents premature aging.”

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Provides Radiance and Glow

After a few months of using a probiotic skincare, people suddenly started commenting on how good my skin looked and asked what I was using. This had never happened in the past so I knew I was on to something good. My skin not only felt good, it’s overall health and hydration levels improved. Even the eczema on my fingers healed from applying it. My fine lines and wrinkles were less noticeable and my skin started to shine again. People are surprised when they learn I’m 50 and that makes a lady feel pretty fine. I only wish I had found out about it’s benefits sooner. I am very pleased that my daughter and two sons are using it too. It’s keeping their skin clear of blemishes without the use of harmful chemicals found in mainstream acne skin products.

Highly Effective

I can honestly say that my skin loves probiotic skincare. It became immediately hooked on it after my father, the CEO of Nayelle Probiotic Skincare, asked me to try a sample. The real test came when I ran out of samples and had to go back to the expensive professional line I purchased from my aesthetician. My skin looked dull and felt so dry no matter how many pumps of moisturizer I applied. The eczema on my fingers also returned along with the painful red cracks. As upset as I was, at least I was able to physically see the difference in my skin between using these two types of skincare. I was sold on probiotic skincare and became a real believer in its benefits. The rest is history; I was asked to partner in Nayelle and am now proud to be president of the company.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing good products to help improve the lives of my family and friends and now I’m passionate about sharing Nayelle with the world. We use nature’s probiotic process to unlock the full nutritional potential of natural ingredients to deliver a rich fusion of effective bio active compounds, vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, essential fatty 2-6-9 acids and minerals to feed your skin. If you want to get your skin to look good, feel good and to get your glow back, check out for in-depth information on our natural, toxic free and affordable skincare. Your skin will thank you for it.