The Differences in Probiotic Skincare Quality

Understanding ProbioticsWe all know that eating probiotic foods like yogurt or kefir is beneficial to our overall health. Research now demonstrates numerous benefits of the “topical application” of probiotics to our skin and using quality probiotic skincare is the easiest way.

Probiotic skincare is one of the newest trends in skincare and it’s important to understand quality variances.  Some brands only use “freeze dried” probiotic methods while others use “active” probiotic methods.  The name “probiotic” comes from Latin meaning “for life”. This is a fitting name as “probiotic” is the term used to describe “beneficial live micro-organisms that transfer various food sources into a rich fusion of concentrated nutrients to nourish our bodies”.

Unfortunately, the self regulating cosmetic industry does not apply a firm definition of “probiotic” when used in its skin care products. It is hard for consumers to know exactly what to expect from a “probiotic” product label.

Here, we will try to explain the two main schools of thought behind how “probiotics” is used in skin care technology.

1. Freeze Dried Method – Good vs. Bad Bacteria

Probiotic skin care is a relatively new trend and the name can be misleading. The concept of “probiotics” is for the beneficial placement of live microorganisms onto your skin. One has to remember that in order to produce any skincare product, formulators must make sure that the shelf life of the product is at least 6-12 months. In order to do that, they have to kill any micro-organisms through a heat process during the manufacturing of the product. Preservation agents must also be added to prevent bacterial growth to prevent spoilage of the product.

So how is it then possible to have live probiotics in the jar?

Some formulators will “freeze dry” the probiotic elements, encapsulate them and hope that once they make contact with the skin these probiotic elements will “wake up” and go to work producing beneficial bio compounds for your skin. This is not an effective method.

We all have a mixture of good and bad bacteria on our skin. When the bad bacteria starts to take over, our skin’s protective barrier can become compromised leading to a number of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, psorisis, eczema. From a scientific standpoint, it is a long shot to think that this kind of freeze-dried probiotic skincare has the ability to keep the balance between good and bad bacteria in harmony. The freeze-dried probitotics can not perform to the level required to make them beneficial to our skin.

2. Active Probiotics are Feeding Your Skin

The second school of thought is to FEED YOUR SKIN a rich fusion of vitamins by using probiotic technology. This process uses natural ingredients and subjects them to a probiotic process (in a controlled environment) producing a concentrated, bio-available fusion of antioxidants, healthy omega fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, peptides and other bio-active compounds.Probiotic Superfood Ingredients

This rich fusion created from the probiotic process is bio-available to the skin, meaning, it can be absorbed and put to use in boosting your skin’s overall health! This rich fusion is the secret to good probiotic skincare because these natural probiotic ingredients can survive the manufacturing process (without heat treatments and preservatives) and can maintain a 2 year shelf life.

At Nayelle, we prefer this more natural approach as the “rich fusion” produced by beneficial micro-organisms brings true benefits to your skin’s health. Under this school of thought, the main point is to FEED YOUR SKIN instead of just overpowering bad bacteria on the top layer of your skin as seen in the freeze dried probiotic skincare lines.

More and more companies are developing probiotic skin care lines. At Nayelle, we have combined the “active” probiotic method and FEED YOUR SKIN approach with the careful selection of superfood ingredients. This provides your skin with a full spectrum of nourishment.

Probiotics are a fast growing segment of the skin care industry.  NAYELLE is the 1st in Canada to bring this top quality, cutting edge probiotic technology to its customers!