Interview with Dr. Taz MD – Nayelle’s Kickass Women Campaign

We’ve met so many amazing women during our journey with Nayelle and decided to celebrate them in our new “Kickass Women Campaign”

Today we are honoured to feature Dr Tasneem Bhatia MD a trailblazer, game changer, health and wellness expert and author of The Super Woman RX. Dr Taz is a nationally recognized physician specializing in integrative and functional medicine. Founder of CentrespringMD, an acupuncturist and nutrition specialist, she is an expert in women’s health.

Dr. Taz MD Interview

We highly recommend The Super Woman RX book if you are in search of your ultimate health. Dr Taz has combined her expansive knowledge treating women into her unique strategy of identifying your POWER TYPE to unlock the secrets to increased energy, your perfect weight, more passion and lasting health. Dr Taz’s personalized and comprehensive guidance will have you radiating from the inside out!

Also check out Dr Tasneem Bhatia on social media @drtazmd where she features valuable health & wellness podcast and posts.

We proudly nominate Dr Taz as she’s a serious Kickass lady and we appreciate her knowledge and the interview she gave us. Enjoy the special insight with Dr Taz and have fun finding out your Power Type.


Q: What life advice would you give your 20-year old self?

A: I think it would be to spend less time worrying about what everyone else thinks and more time focused on what I really need or believe. I tried so hard to try to fit into different constructs, only to finally get the maturity to understand that I don’t have to fit – I just have to be me.

Q: What are the biggest challenges women face these days and what’s your best advice to deal with them?

A: I think every woman I meet complains about the juggling; trying to be career savvy and raise a family or care give. It can be exhausting and takes a toll in direct and indirect ways whether through illness, divorce, anxiety or depression.

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Q: What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

A: Living in a Mindful Universe, Eben Alexander MD

Q: What motivated you to write this book?

A: I truly wanted to empower women to understand the importance of protecting their chemistry to fulfill their life’s purpose and how suppressing that purpose not only harms them but hurts their families, communities and our world.

Q: I love that your daughter came up with the name of your book “Super Woman Rx and I love the names you gave the 5 Power Types- Boss Lady, Savvy Chick, Earth Momma, Gypsy Girl and Nightingale. Is there a fun backstory to these names? What type are you?

A: I think the names are all a bit tongue in cheek and tons of fun; they each give a quick visual representation of each type. We all know at least one of each of these types in our circle of women and I am sure can resonate with the labels!

Dr. Taz MD – Discover Your Power type

Dr. Taz MD - Discover Your Power Type

Dr. Taz has treated thousands of women in her integrative medicine practice. She says “I can confidently say we’re all super heroes. Women live busy and demanding lives—we raise and care for our children, lead successful careers, keep our partners and family members in check and somewhere along the line we find time to treat ourselves to the TLC we deserve. But what I’ve also realized, after working as a physician for more than a decade, is that if a woman understands her body and what she needs, finding healing and that healthy number on the scale is achievable!”

Dr. Taz began to recognized a pattern of five predominant types of women which she refers to as a “Power Type”.

What’s a Power Type?

As Dr. Taz began to track similar patterns and common issues, ailments, strengths and weaknesses from the patients she treated, her acquaintances, and even strangers she met. Using what she learned from these countless experiences she developed 5 Power Types that may help identify a woman’s various health issues and needs:

  • Gypsy Girl
  • Boss Lady
  • Savvy Chick
  • Earth Mama
  • Nightingale

Which One Are You? Take the Power Type Quiz Now!