Dr. Veerula MD – Board Certified Dermatologist and NAYELLE Brand Ambassador

Dr V. Dermatologist ReviewIntegrative Dermatology is at the heart of my practice, and I have chosen to carry Nayelle Probiotic Skincare for my clients as it’s formulation and ingredients are congruent with my beliefs. I’ve always been amazed by the power of probiotics to heal the body and skin. After months of research I chose Nayelle, as probiotics have recently been shown to be helpful for a variety of skin conditions: eczema, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. I was intrigued by their use of probiotics, and was sold after trying the product out first hand. Having sensitive skin myself, I know how hard it is to find quality, nontoxic, organic skincare that is also effective. Furthermore, drawing from an Integrative/holistic background, I understand the importance of probiotics in and on our body. What better place to start than what we use on our skin!

There are not many probiotic skincare lines available, and what stands out from Nayelle’s is it’s fermentation process. Fermentation breaks down larger molecules into more bioactive and concentrated molecules, which are readily absorbed into the skin. You’re basically serving your skin massive healthy doses of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds to calm down and improve your skin’s texture and tone while limiting and often eliminating flare-ups. It’s specially delivered in an airless canister to preserve its active ingredients without the need for refrigeration. How awesome is that!

What’s in Nayelle’s patented formula that makes it wonderfully effective?

Goat’s milk kefir provides your skin with essential fatty acids to boost the lipid layer of the skin and provide a healthy hydrating glow. Goat’s milk also contains selenium and vitamin A (among other minerals and vitamins) to boost collagen in your skin. It also has lactic acid which gently exfoliates your skin. Lactic acid is also safe in pregnancy, so it’s a great pregnancy skincare regimen.

Sea Kelp bioferment contains healthy doses of Lactobacillus (commonly used in yogurt, kombucha and other foods). It provides your skin with a natural source of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants all key for maintaining collagen and elastin in your skin.

The PURIFY glacier clay mask is part of my weekly ritual, and the daily CLEANSE cleanser is extremely mild on the skin, using bamboo to gently exfoliate your skin. I’ll be honest, I was afraid of using the cleanser, as I don’t like products with beads or any gritty texture to it, but Nayelle’s cleanser surprised me. It provided mild exfoliating while hydrating my skin simultaneously. I never noticed any dry, itchy, or blotchy red skin that can be seen with common exfoliating products.

The REJUVENATE night cream is my GO-TO post Dermatology procedure cream, as I trust it won’t burn or irritate already traumatized skin. It’s also amazing to use if you’re dry from your night-time retinol cream. Furthermore, it actually improves the healing after procedures such as microneedling, laser resurfacing or peels.

Nayelle is wonderful for acne, whether before or after treatments. Probiotic skincare rebalances your skin’s pH and can be helpful to treat acne in conjunction with other common therapies as it contains jojoba oil (which is similar to the skin’s sebum), and goat milk’s kefir (which contains lactic acid). I love using Nayelle alongside LED light treatments! Also, we all know that many topical acne treatments irritate and dry out the skin’s epidermis. The tremella snow mushroom extract used in Nayelle’s Hydrate Probiotic day cream and REJUVENATE Probiotic night cream is impressive in its ability to hydrate the skin as it outmatches hyaluronic acid by five times in its capacity to hold onto water. Snow mushroom also contains an extremely high source of vitamin D … one of the highest known to mankind. Vitamin D is unbelievably important for your skin. Lastly, jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, and filled with antioxidants. Note too that it is non-sensitizing, unlike coconut oil, and also contains tocopherols (vitamin E). Jojoba oil is an excellent oil-free moisturizer that won’t clog your pores or leave an oily residue.

Overall, these four key Nayelle ingredients are masterfully formulated by their Chief Bio-Chemist into a simple 5 product regime that combats common skin concerns such as eczema, acne, aging and sun damage to reveal glowing, beautiful skin! It effectively serves as a natural anti-aging skincare with a hefty dose of wrinkle prevention as its ingredients pack powerful vitamins and minerals to protect, rebalance, and rebuild your skin. I highly recommend you trying it.

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