Our Summer Kit blends four products that are most suitable to clean, nourish and protect your skin during warm and sunny weather (humid or dry) as you spend more time outside.


  • CLEAN Gel Face Wash  ($22)
    This gentle, pH balanced foaming cleanser cleans your skin thoroughly, removing all makeup and pollution from the day.  Works well to remove mascara too without use of eye makeup removers that typically use harsh chemicals.
  • VITAMIN C Face Serum ($45)
    Powerful antioxidant serum that significantly reduces the effects of free radicals caused by sun rays, and clears and brightens your skin with anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • HYDRATE Probiotic Day Cream ($56)
    Hydrate your skin rapidly with high concentrations of nature’s most effective skin moisturizing ingredients- snow mushroom, hyaluronic acid and goat milk kefir. This moisturizer is lightweight and fast absorbing. It feeds your skin a rich fusion of antioxidants, vitamins, and omegas to stimulate natural collagen production and improve elasticity.
  • GLOW Face Oil Serum ($55)
    Combines five luxury oils to nourish your skin and provide a protective layer to hold in moisture and defend it from extreme weather conditions whether it be hot, humid or cold, windy weather.