CLEAR soothes stressed acne prone skin, reduces irritation, redness and fights bacteria that causes inflammations and the clogging of pores. Very gentle on skin with a powerful purifying effect. CLEAR’s revolutionary ingredient is Hypochlorous acid (HA). HA is produced by immune system white blood cells as a response to harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, bruising and environmental damage cause by sun or pollutants. HA mimics these “first responders” of your immune system to deliver HA to the affected areas. With CLEAR we now have the ability to apply it topically to the skin. HA has been used in medical industry for decades and is extremely safe and effective.


Apply fine mist on treated areas and gently rub and tap until dry. Recommended to apply after washing your face with CLEAN and before application of CALM face serum.


Aqua, Hypochlorous acid.