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Selecting the Right Skin Care

Selecting the Right Skin Care With so many options to choose from selecting the right skin care line for you could be an overwhelming task.  Knowing what goes on your skin is as important as what you put in your mouth. We all should read the labels and pay attention to marketing claims that could [...]


Benefits of Skin Exfoliation

The Benefits of Skin Exfoliation Your skin plays an important role not only in how you look, but also in how you feel. Our skin ages overtime, it starts a little before and after you turn 18 years old, fine wrinkles will start to show up, sun spots will occur from the damage from UV [...]


Benefits of Kefir in Skin Care

Benefits of Kefir in Skin Care Kefir contains a delicate balance of yeast and bacteria. Kefir grains can transform raw milk into a Super food probiotic drink (kefir), a naturally-carbonated, refreshing beverage that has several key medicinal benefits. Rich in Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum, kefir also provides significant amounts of lactic acid bacteria and [...]


Benefits of Fermented Skin Care

The Benefits of Fermented Skin Care Fermentation is a cultural custom that has been practiced for thousands of years. At a basic level, it involves biologically enhancing ingredients to increase their nutritional value. Before fermentation was introduced to beauty however, it was traditionally used for foods like vegetables and fruits. This process involves soaking food [...]


Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Skincare Tips Summer means sun, shorts, sandals, bathing suits, and bronzed skin. But with beach hair and shorter hemlines comes the dangers that not only instigate the probability of skin cancer, but the aging process as well. Sun exposure is, essentially, subjecting you to sun damage but in the same note, avoiding the outdoors [...]


Good Bacteria: Your Skin’s New Best Friend

Was there a moment in your life where your skin is at its worst? When you have tried different products whether expensive or cheap but it’s still not working for you. Well if you do, continue reading then. Sometimes we think that if you’re having a major break-out, that you will need to fight [...]


Nutrition for healthy skin

You are what you eat. Yes that is true. Beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. The skin is the outer reflection of your inner health. Moist, clear, glowing skin is a sign of good diet, while dry, pale, scaly or oily skin may result when diet is not up to par. Fortunately, the [...]


Benefits of Probiotics and Retinol

We truly believe that the source of gorgeous skin is a healthy inside. If you flip through health and beauty magazines on a daily basis, then you have undoubtedly noticed the surge in probiotic popularity over the last couple of years.  Most of these articles and ad campaigns target how these friendly bacteria rectify [...]


Rosacea skincare

Whether your face flushes easily, is constantly red, or changes from day to day, facial redness can really make you crazy. People with rosacea become easily red from triggers like the sun or a glass of wine. A condition called perioral dermatitis causes redness around the mouth, chin, nose and even up near the [...]


Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid

The beauty industry has an ugly secret. Your makeup, face cream, skin moisturizer, or cleanser may deliver short term smoothness and brightness, but it may disrupt your hormones and fertility, expose you to known cancer-causing pesticides, and deliver dangerous toxins that penetrate and age your skin. That’s right. The cosmetics you use may actually speed the [...]