Top Skin Tips to Protect Delicate Eye Area

Top Eye Skin Protection Tips
The skin around your eyes may not look any different than the rest of your face, but it is more delicate. In fact, it is only 0.35 mm thick which is on average 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. Because the skin around the eyes is much thinner and has fewer sebaceous glands it tends to dry out more easily. The eye area also has numerous blood vessels which sometimes can be seen through the skin contributing to the formation of dark eye circles.

Some key external factors that have a negative effect on the overall look of your eye area are smoking, alcohol intake, sun exposure, pollution, stress, dehydration, sleeping on your side, and junk food just to mention few. These factors contribute to the three main concerns people have with the skin around their eyes:

  1. Puffy Eyes and Under Eye Bags – Many people think that puffy eyes and bags under eyes are the same thing, but under eye puffiness is normally temporary. On the other hand, bags under the eyes are due to the accumulation of fat. Over the years the accumulation of fatty deposits take place and once this occurs the only thing that will get rid of that fat for good is weight loss or surgery.
  2. Dark Eye Circles – These dark circles can appear at any time, at any age and in any race. Because the skin around the eyes is quite fragile and thinner and this makes blood vessels more apparent. There are other factors that can give you dark circles under the eyes such as hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, hyper-pigmentation, loss of volume around the eye socket and anemia.
  3. Eye Wrinkles including Crow’s Feet – Eye wrinkles are mostly due to a loss of volume in the face and around the eye area. But there are also other factors such as aging, genetics and sun exposure. Crows feet can be due to squinting, laughter and smiling. And all these factors combined can make the skin surrounding the eyes appear wrinkly and old.

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So what do we do?

  1. Be gentle while removing eye make up.
  2. Avoid using eye makeup removers that contain harsh chemicals.
  3. Stay clear of waterproof mascara as it requires excessive rubbing to remove it.
  4. Gently tap eye cream in instead of rubbing it in.
  5. Avoid as many possible negative external factors to protect this delicate area.
  6. Use good old fashioned cold cucumber slices to reduce puffiness.
  7. Select eye cream products designed specifically for the delicate eye area.

And remember smiling will get you further than frowning when it comes to those dreaded crow’s feet wrinkles and when looking at them, just think of all the joy that came from smiling through life! Keep smiling and keep nourishing your eye area with a little extra care… it will go a long ways towards maintaining your best youthful appearance.

Lastly, with any skin care, hydration is the key. I personally like to tap a small amount of face oil immediately after showering to lock in the moisture. This helps to protect the skin against daily elements whether it be sweltering hot or freezing cold.