Experience our Vegan Skincare Regime!

Nayelle is delighted to have our own three vegan face serums to complete our Vegan Regime. You can use all three serums to fully nourish your skin on multiple levels, or you can simply choose one serum to meet your specific skincare goals.

Save 17% with this value set compared to buying the 6 products separately ($215).

The serums are a beautiful addition to Nayelle’s other vegan products that feature only vegan ingredients such as luxury seed oils, rich minerals from natural glacial oceanic clay and gentle exfoliating bamboo instead of micro-plastics.


  • VITAMIN C LUMINOUS Serum – delivers flawless, resilient and more luminous skin
  • REVITALIZING PROBIOTIC Serum – with probiotic sea kelp to revitalize your skin deeply and increase collagen & elastin production
  • TRIPLE-HYDRATING HYALURONIC Serum – most potent naturally hydrating ingredients
  • GLOW Face Oil – combines five luxury Retinol rich oils
  • CLEANSE Facial Cleanser – gentle bamboo cleanser for every day use
  • PURIFY Glacial Oceanic Clay Face Mask – mineral rich clay mask for use once a week


  1. Wash your face with CLEANSE and pat dry with a clean cloth.
  2. Apply 2 drops of FACE SERUM in an upward motion to your face, eye area, neck, and decollate.
  3. Apply 1- 2 drops of GLOW face oil to your fingertips, rub to warm oil up and then press into all areas.
  4. Once a week, use PURIFY Clay mask:
    Wash face with warm water, pat dry and apply clay to all areas except eye area. Apply thickly evenly over areas. Do not rub in. Wait 8-10 minutes to dry. You know it’s ready when clay turns light gray. Gently wash off with warm water and pat face dry. Touch your face and feel how baby soft it is and how hydrated your skin feels. You can also use PURIFY to spot treat blemishes.