Start your Nayelle skincare experience today with two of our most popular products!

Clean your skin with CLEANSE gentle face cleanser that uses exfoliating bamboo instead of micro-plastics. Then apply our unique Vitamin C Serum for clearing and brightening your skin while feeding it one of the most skin nourishing ingredients.

  • This value set can be purchased by new customers only, on their first order.
  • Save with this value set compared to buying the 2 products separately ($57).
  • The set includes full-size bottles!


  • Vitamin C Serum ($39 regular price):
    Delivers flawless, resilient and more luminous skin with Vitamin C a natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • CLEANSE Facial Cleanser ($18 regular price):
    Cleanse your skin with this gentle Ph-balanced cleanser for every day use.