Cleanse and purify your face, hands and air in your home. Then re-hydrate your skin with healthy, natural nutrients.

Save 13% with this value set compared to buying the 3 products separately ($79).

Taking care of your health and your skin’s natural defence systems is always a smart decision:

  1. Clean your face with our Cleanse Facial Cleanser that uses gentle exfoliating bamboo instead of micro-plastics.
  2. Purify your skin, best on hands and face, with our NEW Pure Defence Essential Oils Blend based on the ancient Thieves Oil used during the Black Death pandemic in Europe in the 15th century.
  3. And finally, re-hydrate and nourish your skin with our Hydrate Moisturizer that just like the other two products is full of natural effective ingredients such as snow mushroom & Vitamin D.


  • Pure Defence ($19 regular price):
    Purify your skin and air at your home. This blend of pure essential oils can be used on your hands, face and also in your aromatherapy diffuser.
  • Hydrate Probiotic Moisturizing Day Cream ($42 regular price):
    Hydrate your skin rapidly with high concentrations of nature’s most effective skin moisturizing ingredients – snow mushroom and hyaluronic acid. Snow mushroom also delivers high amounts of vitamin D, boosting your skin cells’ own immunity.
  • Cleanse Facial Cleanser ($18 regular price):
    Cleanse your skin daily with this gentle, Ph-balanced and environmentally friendly cleanser.