MiLi Pure Spray – Hydrogen Rich Water Nano Spray Device

/MiLi Pure Spray – Hydrogen Rich Water Nano Spray Device

MiLi Pure Spray – Hydrogen Rich Water Nano Spray Device


MILI’S Pure Spray is an exciting new antioxidant tool using scientifically proven technology. Published scientific studies prove that hydrogen acts as an antioxidant by selectively neutralizing free radicals linked to causing premature aging. In addition, its small size allows deep penetration into your skin’s cells providing instant hydration. The results… instantly hydrated more youthful skin!

  • Hydrogen mist neutralizes free radicals that cause premature aging
  • Hydrogen mist penetrates skin to instantly hydrate
  • Hydrogen mist acts as an anti-oxidant
  • Hydrogen mist has zero toxicity, it’s selective and synergistic for your skin
  • Convenient mister provides easy moisturizing 24/7
  • Bluetooth app for instant readings and monthly records to see long term results

Compare your current skin hydration levels before and after using the Mili Pure spray so see how quickly the hydrogen mist instantly improves your skin’s hydration. Test your current skincare moisturizer's hydration abilities and see how the hydrogen mist improves it. MiLi Pure Spray is Scientifically proven to provide therapeutic hydrogen mist.


Step 1- Simply download our NAYELLE App – HYDROGEN MISTER
Step 2- Connect the moisture reader via blue tooth technology to your smart phone.
Step 3- Remove cap at bottom of mister, hold device steadily to face for 5 seconds, reading show results on App

Note: Use Fuji mineral water for best results

MiLi Pure Spray’s slick design and portability provides moisturizing & protection from free radicals 24/7 at the push of a button, anytime, anywhere.


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