Experience the benefits of all three Nayelle face serums!

Our serums are highly concentrated formulations designed to deliver clean and specific ingredients directly to your skin. As a full package, our serums feature anti-inflammatory, deeply hydrating and revitalizing nutrients with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties.

Save $18 compared to when buying all products separately for $117.


  • Vitamin C Luminous Serum – delivers flawless, resilient and more luminous skin with vitamin C as a natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Triple-Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum – contains three types of hyaluronic acid, one of the most potent naturally hydrating ingredients.
  • Revitalizing Probiotic Serum – features probiotic sea kelp to revitalize your skin deeply and increase collagen & elastin production.                                                                                                                                                        You can use all three serums to fully nourish your skin on multiple levels or you can simply choose one serum to meet your specific skincare goals.


  • On cleansed skin, apply 2 drops gently with fingertips in an upward motion to your face, neck and décolleté before HYDRATE Probiotic day cream and REJUVENATE PROBIOTIC night cream.
  • Note: if you choose to use all 3 serums, follow this guideline.In the morning, alternate using the Vitamin C one week and then use Triple-Hydrating the following week.At night, use the Revitalizing Probiotic Serum as it stimulates cell regeneration and collagen & elastin production best done at night.