Reveal your best skin yet with our deep cleaning exfoliating kit.

Save 10% with this value set compared to buying the products separately ($83).

Our CLEANSE Facial Cleanser is uniquely enriched with gentle exfoliating bamboo and rich minerals from natural glacial oceanic clay. These special ingredients assist in the gentle removal of dry facial skin cells that leave a dull appearance. The bamboo and clay also stimulate the skin, improving its circulation and increase its metabolic process and regeneration.

Our PURIFY Glacial Oceanic Clay Face Mask purifies and hydrates the skin by combating and reversing the damages caused by environmental pollutants.


  • 2x CLEANSE Facial Cleanser – gentle bamboo cleanser for every day use
  • PURIFY Glacial Oceanic Clay Face Mask – mineral rich clay mask for use once a week

How to use Cleanse facial cleanser:

How to use Purify clay mask: