Today we feature Coleen Davis-Stanton, a former prima ballerina and now homeopath in our Nayelle Kickass Women Campaign.

“Using facial skin products have been important to me during my first career as a professional ballet dancer and now, as a homeopath. My skin has experienced stress, sweat, stage make-up and the hazards of everyday life. Immediately from the moment I squeezed lotion onto my hand, my senses were pleased and my face soft and moisturized. I am enjoying the the glow of Nayelle’s various products. Thank you!”

Coleen Davis-Stanton

Our Interview with Coleen Davis-Stanton DCH

Q1- Coleen, you had a very successful and long career as a Prima Ballerina in Europe. What age did you start and finish your career? 

A1- I began my contract with Dutch National Ballet at the age of 17 in the corps de ballet and retired as a principle dancer when I was 40 years old. I had 23 years as a professional ballet dancer.

Q2- How were you able to physically maintain this high level of athleticism?

A2- I was very conscious of taking class everyday, warming up for all rehearsals (even when I felt my muscles were still warm from a previous rehearsal) and performances. The hardest discipline was starting to work out and do a barre everyday 2 weeks before I returned from a holiday.  I did more barres in hotel rooms, on docks and in my family’s kitchen.  Thankfully it paid off.  I had very few injuries in my career.

Q3- Where do you find the motivation, inspiration and persistence to keep going after your dreams for so many years? There must be some struggles along the way. 

A3- Passion is the key. To be able to move and express emotions, feelings, touch senses is a beautiful gift and creates a magical feeling within which cannot be replaced. It never dawned on me not to dance nor give up a free day to rehearse.  I missed wonderful events of friends and family to perform and it felt like the right decision to make.  Even through difficult times, times where you were not dancing well or wishing to dance other roles. I loved to dance and my core being always wanted to dance.  It was my calling and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be in this wonderful world called dance.

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Q4- On top of maintaining this physically demanding career, you also met the man of your dreams, married and had a baby AND still continued as a top Prima Ballerina.  Please do share your Super Women powers!!! How did you juggle both so successfully?

A4- Mark and I met when I was 22 and for almost 12 years we lived in separate cities to explore our individual careers.  When our first child was born my husband still l worked in London 4 days a week and lived with us for 3.  Not ideal but it was our ideal. We did not even consider changing it.  There were nights coming home from rehearsals in which I was so tired and my new job as Mom was waiting for me.  I spilled boiling hot water all over my leg one night just out of pure exhaustion.  But being a Mom was a new light in my life opening me up as a person and in my work.  I continued to perform at a high level with a new understanding. Physically my body suffered since I was back on stage 3 1/2 months after giving birth and performing difficult and hard works.  Eight months after my eldest was born I was continually in the physiotherapist’s office for traction on my back.  The months of pushing myself and then preparing for Swan Lake was taking its toll.  However I guess it wasn’t too bad since after the birth of my twins I did it all over again.  I can tell you I had a lot more weight to dispose of that time around and a lot more happening in my household to come home to. I performed for 1 1/2 years after the twins birth.  It was time to leave my profession then for others to take my place but I still loved my work and still felt I had more to give.

Q5- Now skipping ahead, Mother Nature finally caught up to you and you retired as a Prima Ballerina moved back to Canada, enjoyed raising your family, but then decided to pursue another career as a homeopath.  First will you please briefly explain what is homeopathy and how is it different than Nathuropathic medicine.

A5- Homeopathy is a gentle medical method of healing all types of ailments.  Its purpose in curing is to return one to a healthy state where one can have the freedom to pursue one’s desires without limitations. It does so by concentrating on the person who has the disease, not only the common symptoms of the disease itself. Naturopathy, like Homeopathy, is an alternative practice of medicine.  Most naturopaths have more than one discipline and use various tonics, chiropractor adjustments, suggest minerals and vitamins, and other approaches to heal the body. Classical Homeopathy prescribes only one natural remedy at a time to observe its working process without involving other techniques.  Our training is in one field only – Homeopathy.

Q6- What types of health issues do you commonly treat with homeopathy?

A6- Homeopathy addresses acute and chronic diseases, Childhood diseases, Arthritic conditions, Respiratory diseases, Digestive complaints, Ear, nose and throat conditions, Hormonal and sexual issues, Injuries from accidents and other trauma, Mental and emotional distress, Pregnancy and childbirth issues, Neurological disease including headaches, Skin complaints, Sleeping problems, Urinary complaints.

Q7- What was the main reason you were inspired to become a homeopath? was the main reason you were inspired to become a homeopath? 

A7- There are many reasons why I wanted to pursue Homeopathy but one of the strongest pulls was due to my son who is a twin.  He, as a young toddler, went from one bout to another of bronchitis with high fevers.  Being a twin I noticed how his development was falling way behind his sister’s.  She kept growing physically and mentally where as he was continually fighting infections. While traveling in New Zealand we hit a low point and the doctors could only tell me my son had a virus. The following day I found a Homeopath in a small town and asked for an appointment.  After the consult she administered two remedies.  Immediately my husband and I saw a result.  He became curious, was involved with our family and never again had a high fever or bronchitis.  That was 16 years ago. The result had such a strong impact on our family that I wanted to be able to help people as that homeopath helped us.

Q8- The name you selected for you business is so unique and on point… pun intended!  How did you come up with it?

A8- My dancing career was my first passion and very important to who I was as a person.  I wanted a name to reflect not only homeopathy, my new career, but also touched on my dance experience.  “Pivotal” suggests how homeopathy works i.e. healing from within and describes how a dancer always needs a centre point in their body while moving.

Q9- How can our clients and followers find out more about Pivotal Homeopathy and pursue your services if they don’t live in the area?

A9-  To find out more about Homeopathy and my personal practice one can go to my website –

For more questions I welcome a phone call or an email.

Usually I conduct one on one consults with people but for some clients that is not possible due to their location.  For them I use Skype, Facetime or we discuss on the phone their sessions. I try to be flexible to accommodate my clients.